If 4 hours are set aside in a week, virtually any house can be thoroughly cleaned. Now this time may seem too much for busy professionals who are up to their necks in work and appointments, but for us professional cleaners, it is a trade secret. We’re letting you in on it, so read on.

The first thing we would like to reveal is that cleaning and clutter clearing is not the same things. When you normally go about cleaning your house, you are actually doing both at the same time, hence your long hours at it. If you have professional cleaners do the job for you, they would pile up all the stuff lying around for you to put back in place, it’s is not their job to de-clutter.

You will need a fair bit of organization and consistency to clean the house. Maintaining a schedule for cleaning the house on a weekly basis helps in this regard. The first time around, you may find it overwhelming with all the dust in the corners. This is true even if the house is apparently clean and for all first time clients opting for professional cleaners.

All the bathrooms are handled at the same time. All clothes and articles are removed from bathtubs and showers after which they are sprayed with cleaning agents and left to soak them in. The same goes for toilets, cleaning products are applied and then they are stirred with brushes. You could also use a trash bag and empty the wastebaskets during this phase.

The ceilings and floors are tackled next and cobwebs are removed thoroughly from all the corners and edges. The walls are cleaned during this time. Cloth happens to be the best material for removing those cobwebs.

Then comes dusting, the furniture has to be brightened up and this can be done with oil or wax, as per the surface. Remember to remove small items from shelves before you dust them. Before putting these items back in place, wipe them carefully with soft cloth to remove dust.

Vacuum the carpets and ensure that you cover the entire area, including the bare flooring. The same goes for any rugs that you might have placed at strategic places. Do not forget to do the corners where the floor meets the walls.

There you have it, a little guide to the huge task of cleaning the house. We understand that you may have no time to do this as painstakingly as you want. Commercial cleaning services exist for that reason. Look for commercial cleaning companies, Janitorial services and commercial carpet cleaning services if you are really pressed for time.

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