Phone cover is the necessity of an hour for every smartphone holder. No matter how good is its quality, after using it for a long duration it starts to look old. What if someone gives you an amazing hack about cleaning your redmi note 10 pro back cover, that too without feeling tediousness! Yes, this is possible, cause the amazing online stores in India knows how to give the customer the best product and also provides hacks of its longevity. They are going to take all your worries regarding the Redmi Note 10 pro back covers. They will look beautiful till eternity.

How does redmi note 10 pro case become dull?

Well, there are enormous reasons regarding this. The back covers are exposed to so many things of the earth like sun rays, heat, dust, smog, or any other external factors. This leads to a path for all the wear and tear marks over your back cover, which seems like scratches. Sometimes you must be shocked, as you do not know about the origin of that particular scratch. Right? Now that you are aware of the origin, so you must need protecting it even more.
The second most thing, which is unavoidable as they are the vital part of the earth. The germs and bacteria's, the redmi note 10 pro back cover are exposed to them 24*7. So, it's necessary to protect the back covers from these tangible microscopic living beings of the environment.

How should you protect your redmi note 10 pro back cover?

If your phone covers are made up of silicone or polycarbonate or plastic then you can follow the following points.
1. Put some soft detergent into lukewarm water into a small mug, use a brush or a sponge to clean it softly.
2. Put the Redmi Note 10 Pro Back Cover into the mug for 10 minutes, this will help in removing the dust more easily.
3. In the submerging position only, you need to clean the edges carefully.
4. If you have a very intense stain, then you can use baking soda as well.
5. Take another mug of normal water at room temperature. Put a small tablespoon of Dettol or any other anti-bacterial cleanser. Dip your phone covers into it.
6. After 2-3 minutes, put it out and clean it with a clean piece of cloth. Do not forget to dry it properly under shade.

Next time, do not forget to clean your back covers for using them in a long run.

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