Acne on back is a common skin condition faced by thousands of people. It can be so troublesome and proper healthy steps has to be taken in order to get rid of it. But before embarking on the treatment, it's vital you determine what causes back acne so that your journey will be easier. Contrary to what you may have been fed online, there are specific causes of back acne and this article will reveal them to you as well as tips to clear it.

Causes of Back Acne
When excessive oil called sebum that is secreted by the sebaceous glands get accumulated under the skin, this creates an enabling environment for bacteria to thrive. Clogged skin pores (follicles) are the root cause of this accumulation of oil. There are 2 major kinds of acne which includes: non-inflammatory acne like whitehead and blackhead and inflammatory acne like papule, nodules, cysts, pustule. These types of acne have the same causal bacteria and it can happen to both teenagers and adults. Acne can develop on any part of the body but the ones found on the face causes much distress.

There are several acne products available in the market but natural treatments tends to work better. It's estimated that more than 75% of people who have acne on their face also have it on their body and back to be specific. Once you're able to understand the major causes of back acne and decide to protect yourself, every natural treatment I'm going to share with you here will work.

Acne on Back Prevention
It's vital you learn how to prevent back acne in order not to cause a recurring in the future. Prevention simply involves adhering to simple rules like: avoid junk foods from Fast Food Restaurants and eat on natural foods. Don't be overly exposed to halogens and excessive use of steroids. Reduce the intake of fats and cholesterol and eat more vegetables and fruits. These all contains natural sugar required by the body to function properly and boost the immune system.

Treatments of Back Acne
Now that you have known the causes and prevention, the remaining paragraphs shows how to clear acne on your back. They are simple but works if taken seriously.

(1). Maintain Hygiene Continually: It's important you keep the body clean and dry. Shower at least twice a day using an anti bacterial. Avoid vigorous scrubbing of the back; wash gently in order not to aggravate severe acne breakout. Whenever you're through with your exercise, wash and keep your back free from sweat. Maintaining Hygiene in itself is a great treatment for back acne.

(2). Carefully Choose Your Cosmetics: Whenever you take a bath, it's good to use a moisturizer in order to replenish your skin. Using a water based instead of an oil based body moisturizer may clog the pores, thereby leading to blackheads and pimples. Instead of buying expensive oils, try using natural ones like the tea tree oil and lavender oil to reduce the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. While using these natural oils, dilute and apply in limits as they might. cause allergy to acne prone skin.

(3). Proper Sleeping Posture: When asleep, avoid rubbing your back against the bed. It's ideal to sleep on your side instead of facing up. This may be difficult to re-adjust especially if you're not used to sleeping on your back. But it can help you prevent and treat every back acne. Finally, ensure that your blanket and bedsheets are clean before lying on it.

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