Imagine this: You are driving down the road of life on Career Highway in your well-oiled professional machine on your way to a better place. When all of the sudden you find yourself trying to navigate your team through treachery and confusion in the midst of the biggest leadership fog you have ever seen.

So what do you do when you find yourself behind the wheel with very little vision and where your road map is useless?

The Undeveloped Stretch of Opportunity

Very early this morning I took my husband to the airport. About halfway there we hit an open stretch of undeveloped land where a heavy fog had set in. At times it was so thick we could barely see beyond a few feet in front of us.
With limited vision we had to slow down and became very sensitive to what was around us. Turning back wasn’t an option and we couldn’t just stop on the road – we had to keep going.

So we slowed down to get our bearings, looked for signposts to tell us me how far we’d come, and kept talking to help navigate the road. Before you knew it we were past the fog and back on track. We got to the airport with time to spare.
In hindsight it was only a small stretch of fog, but at the time we weren’t sure if it would be bad enough for the flight to be grounded. While we were in the fog everything seemed uncertain.

It reminded me of the journey we take daily as leaders.

Getting Through It

We are often called to implement significant changes to support the dynamic business environment and growth of our business. We’ve got our map – the strategic plan – and we’re implementing the tactical changes. Then typically, just when we’re reaching the change midpoint – the undeveloped stretch of opportunity.

The fog had settled in thickest where it was undeveloped.
This often happens during a change effort, which can leave us questioning the changes we’re making and our leadership.
It’s usually at the midpoint when you and your team realize how much effort has been expended to get to this point and how much there is still left to do. You start to wonder just how bad the “fog” really is. I’d like you to consider what I was reminded of this morning:

* Slow down to get your bearings. If things are not clear to you, it’s likely the same for your team or joint partners.
* Look for signposts along the way. Confirm your position. Are you where you wanted to be?
* What course corrections are needed? Who needs to be part of the decision making process? Now is a great opportunity to verify you are where you expected to be and what may have changed. Especially in long change initiatives, the players can change. Is there anyone that needs to be added as a decision maker?
* Check-in to help others navigate the opportunity. Get feedback from those that are on this journey with you. Their feedback can make all the difference and encourage you during the last leg. Then take the time to reach out to your teams with the same encouragement. Your acknowledgment of their effort will reassure them you know how difficult the terrain can be and how far they’ve come.

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Anastasia is a Certified I See Your Dream Job Career Intuitive, award-winning co-author, and reinvention coach - out to change how we view the work we do. The number of people who are unfulfilled in their professional lives is epidemic. 71% of the workforce is either disengaged or actively disengaged; in some places in the world it is as high as 93%. Here’s the good news… Your dream job is hidden in plain sight. You don’t have to pretend to be satisfied with your professional life. Now you can discover your great work with ease. There’s a reason you have the dreams and talents that you do. You are here to realize your biggest life and highest potential through the work you do. Anastasia was trained by the Master Career Intuitive Sue Frederick and uses the methods outlined in her book “I See Your Dream Job”.

As creator and host of the Visionary Leaders BreakThrough, she teaches her signature 7 Keys to Reinvent Your Life program. In her latest book, Anastasia is featured alongside Marshall Goldsmith and Ken Blanchard in Ready, Aim, Excel! An Amazon International Bestseller, which received the Gold eLit award and is nominated for 2 other awards. Anastasia is a Featured blogger, Linked2Leadership, a top 16 leadership blog in the world, Nominated for NAFE Women of Excellence 2012, Stanford 2012 Who’s Who Registry, Associate Certified Coach, and International Coach Federation, and Former Corporate Vice President.