Most art enthusiasts think that starting an art collection of their own is a dream. This is because the art on display in Delhi Art Galleries is known to be extremely valuable, and also you can read frequent headlines about paintings that have been sold at auction for excessively high prices. But the fact is that it is possible that you can find quality art from some artists at a reasonable price.

Owning fine art is an unattainable luxury. Art makes a great contribution to humanity and our mental, physical and spiritual health, thus it contributes to the overall sense of well-being. Manu Parekh Artwork brings joy to our homes and has the ability to connect us to our cultural roots. As an art lover, you can believe that art can and should be enjoyed by everyone.

So how you should start an art collection on a budget? Here are a few tips to search the art market and buy affordable art:

The process starts by learning about art and having more exposure, which can be done by visiting local museums, galleries, open studios, and art fairs. Although some fairs are actually geared towards collectors who want attractive prices. You can find some exhibitions where artists talk and provide hands-on workshops that are especially educative.

Explore original paintings of the contemporary Indian artists as the price points are significantly lower for the new artists. For example, works by young artists are very affordable even in large sizes.

Search for smaller paintings by established artists such as Anuradha Thakur, Paresh Maity Painting, Ramesh Gorjala, Sreekanth Kurva, Seema Kohli, and Vinita Karim. For instance, Vinita’s multicultural subject matter sounds appealing to a wider audience, so she has recently made a special series that has her signature gold leaf and embroidery on canvas and that can be seen on a more intimate scale.

Invest in some serigraphs that are fine art prints presented by the Masters. Look for signed, limited edition prints that are by leading Indian artists, such as M.F. Husain and S.H. Raza, as these have great investment value but also they have significantly lower price points than originals. An original painting by Raza sold for $3 million, for example, but some of Raza’s serigraphs can be purchased as low as $1,000. You must learn more about serigraphs before purchasing one.

Support traditional Indian art as there is a rich history of fine art and craft that you can find in India, and many of these art forms are endangered today. Both Kalamkari and Madhubani paintings, by National Award-winning artists, can be obtained for under $2,000. You must learn more about the unique techniques of Kalamkari art and the legacy of Madhubani and Thota Vaikuntam Painting.

Be it decorating your home or building a collection of some emerging contemporary art, you must know about the artist’s history and their journey, also the story behind their paintings as this always makes the process more meaningful. Collectors should be in love with a piece of art before deciding to buy.

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