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Usually, when you’re sad or depressed, you want to be surrounded by your loved ones. It becomes painful therefore if there seems to be no one with you. The truth is you really cannot expect to be there with you at all times, considering they have their own lives. Nevertheless, that should not mean you cannot get any type of comfort. In fact, you do have the power to comfort yourself.

Learn from the following tips:

1. Practice laughter yoga. There are actually different kinds of yoga, but for those who are sad, the laughter yoga may just prove to be one of their best medicines. It’s been so effective it has been adapted by health care facilities and participated by hundreds of patients, especially those who are coping with serious illnesses.

Laughter yoga is very simple. While you breathe, give off a little giggle. Allow your laughter to build up over time until you can let out something so boisterous. Before you know it, you’ve been laughing for a period. The good news about this is it doesn’t only lift the spirit but also keeps you healthy. Laughing can boost your immune system.

2. Take care of your health. When you’re sad, one of the things you often overlook is your own health. It’s more disheartening if you find yourself looking so miserable in the mirror. Even when you’re sad, learn to take care of yourself. Eat the right food and exercise. Some of the dishes can help increase serotonin, which reduces depressive mood. A very good example is dark chocolate. Getting a physical exercise gives you the same effect as yoga. It enhances your body’s defenses and makes you appear prettier and more vibrant.

3. Write down your thoughts. You can write a letter to yourself, which you can read when you’re at your lowest point. You can create a blog and share your thoughts with others. Plenty have gained lots of friends and online followers by turning their sorrow into something positive.

4. Help out. Take time to volunteer in organizations. Reach out to those who are in need. You will discover that you’re not that miserable after all, and there are still hundreds of other people who need your care and love.

5. Give yourself a time limit. There’s really no exact time as to when the sorrow or depression will end. However, if you truly want to stick to your goal, which is to be completely happy again, you need to create a time limit. Hopefully, this will compel you to take measures to become happy again.

6. Develop positive statements. Words are very powerful. You will know it when you create subliminal messages or affirmations. You can speak of your subliminal messages every morning or before you go to sleep a lot of times so they can definitely get absorbed by your mind. Some examples of subliminal messages are the following:

I love myself.
I have enough strength to conquer this sadness.
I am looking forward to a brand-new day.

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