Blog comments are a great source of feedback for the site owner and an indication of the blogs popularity to site visitors. Accumulating remarks from your readers is an integral component of the blog building process since they do lend 'social proof' to your site but all comments are not equal! When people post comments there are certain 'elements' you look for that help to increase the 'legitimacy' of the any remark left. In fact without these elements the comment left is pretty much worthless!

Here are the 3 key 'elements' you want to look for when site visitors post a response at your blog that will give them more value.

Maintain Relevance

Any comment left needs to be relevant to the post or theme otherwise they are of little use to anybody else and are therefore considered spam. When people post comments it is naturally assumed that they are participating in the discussions of any posted content. To view remarks that are totally irrelevant indicates a lack of respect to not only the site owner but to other site visitors as well. To leave remarks unrelated to any discussion or topics found on the site is an 'intrusion' on the community feeling among other visitors.

Be Helpful

Always look to be helpful when you post comments since there is no better way to gain popularity and/or respect. Now the helpfulness of any remark is not limited to the facts of any information it may contain. Insight, opinion and personal experience are all things people can benefit from and also shows that the commentator has put some thought into their response.

Remain Courteous and Cordial

No matter what the point may be of any remark left on a blog there is never a reason to be disrespectful or discourteous to anyone. For starters you must remember blogging sites are 'social' communities and disruptive tones, behavior or language is not considered very social. This type of communication can damage the harmony of the 'community' itself and should therefore not be allowed.

Blog comments are almost as important as posting frequency and are an integral component of the blog building process. As previously stated however all comments are not equal in their worth or legitimacy. When readers post comments at your site they carry more value if they contain the 3 essential elements mentioned above. So be sure to review any remarks for the aforementioned elements before you decide to allow them on your blog. By screening all posted remarks in this manner you will not subject your visitors to viewing remarks that carry little or no value and only serve to waste their time.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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