How To Conceive A Baby: Ways To Ensure Getting Pregnant

Trying to conceive can be an extremely frustrating experience and in most cases for those that don't conceive they start questioning their own fertility but very few will actually have a fertility issue and will be able to use natural methods to increase their fertility, so now how to get pregnant naturally.

The best starting point is simply to adopt a healthier lifestyle than that you currently lead, the healthier the better. Research has shown that both overweight and underweight individuals are not as likely to conceive so eating a balanced diet is as good a place as any to begin.

In your balanced diet try to include plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods. These foods are high in the vitamins and minerals that help you to conceive and what those that struggle to conceive are usually low on.

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You can take vitamin supplements that can supply your body with the supplements they need as well. Problems in getting pregnant usually are as a result of iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin b 12 deficiencies so taking to supplements to improve your levels could help you to conceive.

Exercise should also be added to your lifestyle along with your new well balanced diet. This isn't simply for the purposes of getting into better shape but because exercise will also improve the circulation of blood and help to regulate your menstrual cycle.

Be careful not to overdo it on the exercise front however as overdoing it can actually have a negative effect on your cycle so if you already do exercises then don't had to it unless you only do very little.

Mental well being is also just as important as being physically fit because stress can effect both the females ovulation and the males sperm count. Try to relax as much as possible as ultimately getting stressed out and depressed will lower your chances of getting pregnant.

Apart from stress levels males should also try to wear loose fitting clothing as opposed to tighter clothing. The reason for this is that the testes need to kept cool to have the sperm count achieve its best results.

Vices should also be avoided if possible. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and caffeine all have been linked to fertility problems and can also cause problems during the pregnancy if you do conceive.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to get pregnant naturally. These are just the very basic tips but they are very useful and if you follow the advice it could save you thousands of dollars on fertility treatments that you may not even need.

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These many couples want to choose the gender of sex by their own choices. In modern generations most couples want to become parents at late 30s and 40. Many of them struggle to conceive for several years. After facing a lot of difficulties in getting pregnant when they conceive, they want to choose the gender of unborn baby by their own choices. So, while struggling to get pregnant, you also can do some little efforts to choose the gender of your unborn baby. There are several natural ways which can help you in getting pregnant with gender of your choices. So, when you decide to get pregnant with a boy, you need to look for detail information about how to get pregnant with a boy with all the natural methods.

• Track your ovulation- you need to determine when you are ovulating if you are trying to get pregnant with a boy. This is very important to know the exact day. Do not have intercourse for the five days preceding ovulation and on the day you ovulate. You need to intercourse at least twice in those 24 hours. The reason behind it male sperms die very faster than female sperm.

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• Maintain you pH balance- if you are trying to get pregnant, you have to maintain your pH balance in your vagina. A female sperm grows in acidic environment and male sperms need pH balance.

• Take alkaline rich foods- you need to take diet that is most important in growing of a boy inside the mother's womb. Plenty of vegetables, cabbage, lettuce, beets and lentils are highly rich with alkaline. Alkaline not only helps you in getting pregnant with a boy but it also helps you in making your unborn child healthy as well.

Many young couples how to get pregnant with a boy, even though there really is no foolproof way in medical or surgical intervention.

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I recently received correspondence from someone who asked, in part: "if I make my diet more acidic, will this affect or influence if I get pregnant with a boy or a girl? If so, how?" I will address these questions in the following article.

What Types Of Foods Are Included In An Acidic Diet?: Before I get to how this type of diet might influence your baby's gender, I want to talk about what types of foods we are talking about. There are many exceptions, but in general, foods are considered acidic or alkaline based on how same foods affect your urine after consuming them. And while many (but not all) fruits and vegetables are alkaline, many meat and dairy products will make your urine more acidic. Eggs, yogurt, and many grains are good acidic choices.

It's important to note that some foods that are considered or would seem to be acidic are metabolized so that they actually end up being alkaline. Orange juice is one example.

How An Acidic Diet Affects Your Baby's Gender: When I talk about diet and foods in this context, I'm generally speaking of the woman or the mother-to-be. The man or father's diet can be important to support healthy sperm, but whether he's eating acidic or alkaline foods really does not have an affect on the sex of the baby.

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With that said, diet can matter for the mother because it can change the PH of her vaginal tract. And this in turn can make life either easier or more difficult for those sperm that are racing for the egg in an attempt at conception. An acidic diet actually makes your baby's gender slightly more likely to be a girl. The reason for this is that the Y or boy producing sperm do not thrive in this type of environment. In fact, it compromises them. So an acidic diet is a good idea if you're trying for a girl baby.

But if you want a boy, this is the type of diet that would be detrimental that you would want to avoid. You'd want to strive for an alkaline diet instead. However, I have to tell you that diet alone doesn't guarantee you a boy or a girl. It can certainly help your odds but there are other things that you'll need to consider also.

Moving Beyond Diet When Attempting To Influence Baby Gender: Diet is important. There are even tools (PH test strips) to help you with this. But diet is not the only piece of the pie. You should also pay attention to the timing of your conception and to the intercourse positions that you use. These things also help to either encourage or discourage the X and Y sperm in the same way that diet does. An early conception favors the X or girl producing sperm. And deep penetration during intercourse favors the Y or boy producing sperm.

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I sometimes have people contact me and ask what the father-to-be should be eating if the couple are trying to conceive a girl or a boy baby. Examples are things like: "what should my husband be eating or including in his diet if we're trying to conceive a girl?" Or, "we want a boy baby. What types of foods should the man avoid to keep us from getting pregnant with a girl baby?" I will try to answer these types of questions in the following article.

A Man Who Is Trying To Conceive Should Have A Balanced And Healthy Diet: It's well known that men who are trying to conceive should avoid tight underwear, hot tubs and saunas, and drugs. The reason for this is that all of these things affect the health and volume of the man's sperm. A healthy diet goes along with this. A man should eat a balanced and healthy diet in order to ensure healthy sperm. However, his diet does not affect baby gender (or whether you have a boy or a girl) in the same way that the woman or mother-to-be's diet does.

The Man Or Father's Diet Is Important. But It Doesn't Affect Whether You Have A Boy Or A Girl Like The Mother's Diet Does: It's reasonably well known that the mother-to-be's diet can have an affect on her baby's gender. Women who eat a more acidic diet raise their odds of conceiving a girl, while those who consume a more alkaline diet raise their chances of having a boy.

The reason for this is that these changes in diet also change or affect the woman's vaginal environment and PH. If that environment is alkaline, it's more friendly to the Y or boy producing sperm. If it's acidic, it's very tough on those same Y sperm but friendly to the X's (or those that produce girl babies.)

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So, it makes sense to wonder if these same things are true when the father or man's diet is acidic or alkaline. The most persuasive question would probably be one like: if a man consumes acidic foods, does this mean he has more X or girl producing sperm? And, if he consumes an alkaline diet, does this give the boy sperm an edge or an advantage?

There's no evidence to suggest this. In fact, there have been studies to see if men who helped conceive more of one gender over another contained more of one type of sperm chromosome. In other words, men who had all boys were tested to see if they had more Y sperm chromosomes. And men who conceived girls were screened to see if their sperm contained a higher number of X's. The studies showed that this wasn't the case. In fact, most of the men had roughly the same number of X's and Y's throughout.

Focusing On The Mother's Diet, Her Timing, And Sexual Positioning: There's no question that you can and should control what you can when it comes to the father's diet. Healthy foods can contribute to healthy sperm. But in terms of choosing an acidic or alkaline diet, this is best accomplished with the woman or mother to be. These changes can have an affect on whether the couples conceives a boy or a girl.

Another thing to consider is the timing of when that same conception occurs. Conception that happens before the woman's ovulation is timing that makes a girl more likely. Conceiving after ovulation favors a boy. The sexual positions that you use can make a difference also. But, when you are dealing with two healthy parents and you combine all three methods (diet, timing, and positioning,) this is when you give yourself the best chance to influence your baby's gender as a couple.

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