Kindle fire is purely bliss for the book lovers. You can purchase e-books through kindle fire. So it is really important to have a strong and reliable internet connection in order to download the ebooks now. Efficient functioning of kindle fire is completely dependent upon the internet connection.

Better the internet connection! Better would kindle fire function!

Do you own a kindle fire? That is great. You might be aware of the amazing features of kindle fire !

You are using it for the first time?

You have no idea how to connect kindle to wi-fi?

Let me help you with a few simple troubleshooting steps to connect kindle to wi-fi :

1. Go to the home screen of kindle first.
2. You would find a menu option on the display of Kindle fire. You would find it in the top right corner of the screen Select it now.
3. Open the menu option and it would display a number of more options to you. You need to Select the settings option>Click on Next>Choose wi-fi and bluetooth.
4. When you click on wi-fi and bluetooth option you will find more options then. A list of wi-fi networks would be available. You need to select your wi-fi connection.
5. If you cannot locate your wi-fi network you need to click on rescan to find your wi-fi network. Soon your network would be detected. Now select your network.

Now your kindle fire is connected to wi-fi!!

Kindle customers face a very common issue these days i.e kindle won't connect to wi-fi. You have tried almost everything but still kindle can't connect to wi-fi.

Let me provide you with a few troubleshooting steps to get rid of kindle fire wi-fi connection failure.

1. Kindly hold the power button for a few seconds. Soon the kindle fire would be turned off. Turn your kindle fire back on again. Now check if kindle fire is able to connect to network.
2. Secondly try to reset the settings of your router. You need to do this by changing the address of your router from IP to static. Turn off your router once and then try clearing all the DHCP records on your router.
3. Kindle software must be updated to the latest version. If It is outdated you need to update it instantly to fix kindle wi-fi connection failure issue.
4. Have you heard of factory reset? This simply means doing this would reset the entire data and settings on your device reset. This would help you solve the kindle won't connect to Wi-Fi issue. Hopefully this step might have solved your issue.

for more information check out this guide on kindle won't connect to wifi

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