The Setek Extender is basically a super-boost WiFi Extender. It did solve the issue with some dead zones in your home, offices, or industries. This extender is designed to Eliminate the Wired connections to your technical devices. The Setek WiFi Extender Setup compared to others is basic. This Extender setup is super fast and provides an Ultra-fast or dual-band Wi-Fi signal of the network in your homes, offices, and business places. It Enhances the Existing Wi-Fi signal in dead-zone areas. Its features are No more Wi-Fi dead zones, plug or play connection, fast, strong, and stable network connection, Securable network connection, management or setup is quick, and parental control.

Using this Extender you can use five modes to connect the network, wireless router mode, access point, client mode, repeater mode, and WPS button router mode. You can also use the reset button when your connection requires it. You can quickly complete the Setek setup, just press or hold the Extender’s WPS button. Through this Extender, you can connect your gaming consoles, streaming videos, or connect any device with this Extender Wi-Fi network. It connects up to fifteen devices.

Connect the Setek Extender with the Router network

If you think, how to connect the Setek Extender with the Router Network, then follow some points. To connect the router network with your Extender First, you have to need to place your router in a ventilated area. Using an Ethernet Cable, it attaches between the LAN port of your Router. Also, connect your computer Ethernet port with the Ethernet Cable. To get the Wired network connection. Plugin your router in an electric socket. After some time, an LED light flashes the Green color light. The indicator flashes mean your router network is working now.

Connecting your router network with the Extender

Place your Extender Midway between your Router and the area without Wi-Fi. Set your Extender antennas. Wait for an Extender Indicator to flash the light. Plugin your Range Extender and the computer connects with an Ethernet Cable. Connect your range Extender with the router’s network. Using your mobile, laptop, or personal computer, it connects with the Extender Wi-Fi network. Visit the Wi-Fi setting option, select your extender name from displaying a list like Setek WiFi Extender setup-xxx and connect with the internet by entering the security password. Now, the Range Extender successfully connected with the network. You can successfully consider the range Extender network in your network using the device.

Connect Setek Range Extender Network With Pc

After connecting the range Extender with the Router’s network, you can consider the Extender network in your Pc without any issue. Visit the Wi-Fi setting and choose your Extender name from the given list. Click on your Extender name and Enter your security password. Now the range Extender network connects with the Range Extender Wi-Fi successfully. The Extender is now properly ready to connect the Wi-Fi network in your device or any location.

Reset the Setek Wi-Fi Extender password

Open your Pc and connect with the Extender network. After connecting with the Range Extender network, open the Web browser on your Pc. Search in the Address bar IP address of your Extender. The Extender login page access now. Type in the accessing login page your Range Extender admin username and password to login to the Extender. Tap or click on the next option. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the login credentials and complete the Setek Wi-FI extender login process.

After completing the login credentials you look on your Pc, the Range Extender setting option appears on the window. Click on this setting option and select the wireless setting option. In this option, you can now change your Setek WiFi Extender username and Password to reset your password. Set your Extender username and security password. After this, click on the apply option. Now, the Setek WiFi Extender password reset process is completing successfully in a proper manner.

How Setek Extender works to Extend the WiFi network

This Extender works to Extend the Existing router Wi-Fi network in the dead zones area and long distant area. It works as a network client. Connecting the router’s network to the Extender amplifies the Wi-Fi network. It automatically chooses the network signal and connects with the devices with the Existing Wi-Fi network. This Extender is quickly compatible with a maximum Router.

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