Our thoughts create. When we believe something to be true, we send a strong energetic “signal” out into the universe, which attracts more of that vibration, bringing it back to us. Every thought we think is based on our predominant beliefs, conscious or unconscious. Becoming aware in the present moment is one of the most significant shifts we can make to transform our lives, individually and collectively. To understand why things are happening the way they are on the outside, as life events, go within and take a look at what thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of being are predominant in your life. There will be a correlation. The inner creates the outer. Here are some recommendations to help you create the life you truly desire.

1. Get clear: What do I want? What do I truly desire? What do I wish to create? Get very specific and detailed. Use your intuition to guide you. Ask “why do I want this?” Really feel if the desire is in alignment with your inner truth.

2. Focus and Intention: Bring your awareness and conscious attention to your desire. Intend to manifest it.

3. Visioning/Visualization: Practice the visioning process by visualizing your desire, in detail, as if it is happening right now in the present moment.

4. Affirmations: Practice stating positive affirmative statements of intent. Always use affirmations in the present tense.

5. Letting Go: Release your insecurities, worries, anxieties, doubts, and fears into the Universe. Release control and have Faith that your desires are heard and being created, ready to come into the physical realm when the time is right.

6. Allowing: Allow yourself to receive your desire. Often, we self-sabotage due to an underlying belief that we’re not good enough or don’t really deserve to have what we want. We may also buy into the limiting belief that “other people are suffering so why should we have our desires fulfilled?” Get in touch with your underlying beliefs to see where you may be blocking your manifestations.

7. Eliminate Obstacles: Take an honest look at any “excuses” you are harboring, understand that they are only getting in the way, and release them. Create a supportive “team” who are encouraging and helpful. Submerge yourself in a supportive environment that reflects your authentic self and inner truth. Eliminate anything that does not serve you now, including old patterns of belief. Do a “mental cleaning” as well as a cleaning of your physical space.

8. Inspired Action: Listen to your intuitive guidance by taking time in silence/meditation every day. Open up to Divine guidance. Listen. Be very aware and receptive to the seemingly ordinary events, chance meetings and communications. ACT on your intuitive “hits.” Know that you are being led to the people, situations, events, and things that you need to bring your authentic desires into fruition. Inspired action feels good, flows as if it is effortless at times, and is supportive.

9. Commit: Make a commitment to yourself by taking responsibility for the creation of your life, being disciplined to do the action required, and follow through completely. Take an honest look at how you spend your time. Is it in alignment with your desires and authentic path?

10. Lighten Up: We often take ourselves and others very seriously when it is helpful to let go a bit, lighten up, laugh, and have fun. It is this joyful state that allows us to receive.

11. Outflow: Give from your heart in whatever way you are intuitively led to do so. Giving and receiving create the flow of life. By giving, we are confirming that we are already abundant. By giving, we make room for even more to enter our lives. This is not just financial/monetary giving. It also includes selfless service, smiles, random acts of kindness, etc…

12. Gratitude: Be grateful for what you have and who you are right now in the present moment. Even if you feel that things have spiraled downhill, there is always something to be grateful for. Create a list and add to it every day. A true state of joy comes with the inner knowing that we are already abundant within.

13. As Within, So Without: Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Take an honest look at what is occurring in your outer world. This indicates how you are focusing your thoughts, intentions, and beliefs. The answers reside within us. Spend time getting to know your authentic Self through stillness, activities that you enjoy, journaling, visioning, prayer, etc… Sit and write out your current beliefs about life, including relationships, money, spirituality, people, the state of the world, etc… This will reveal so much about why your life is the way it is today. If you would like to create something different, consider shifting your beliefs to reflect your inner truth.

14. Be Present: It is in the present moment that we experience our lives completely. If constantly thinking about the past or focusing on what we want in the future that will finally make us happy, we have lost touch with our inner purpose. Happiness is an inner state of being. It is not dependent upon outer events, circumstances, or people. By staying conscious in the present moment, we feel the essence of life.

15. Meditate: Everyone can meditate. The purpose is not to push away all thoughts; it is to acknowledge the thoughts and allow them to pass by, without judgment, force, or the feeling of having to do something with them. With practice, the stillness within will naturally be present. It is through meditation that we are able to hear the Divine, without distractions. A calm state is a clear channel for energy to flow. Experiment with different forms of meditation, including silent sitting meditation, movement meditation, the use of mantras, and even the meditative states often experienced with repetitive movement such as cooking, walking, and dancing.

16. Forgiveness: This is one of the most significant actions for true inner freedom. When we realize that other people are here to help us on our path of spiritual growth, we can then release the resentment, anger, and pain. We are all here experiencing our “humanness” together, doing what we know at the time. By taking back our inner power, we are not saying that we condone the actions of another; we are simply releasing ourselves from the constant loss of life force that takes place when we hang on to past occurrences. This is the ultimate act of releasing and creating room for the new to flow.

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