How To Contact Your Ex After A Break Up: How Long Should You Wait To Talk To Your Ex Boyfriend / Girlfriend

So, your relationship broke-up a few weeks ago. Initially you were upset but, as the days pass, you gradually pull through the emotional mire and you are beginning to think about the bright, new life ahead without your ex.

Only, some people struggle hard to get to this stage. They find it hard to break from their ex emotionally, even if the physical relationship has gone.

If you are in this category you will find yourself constantly thinking about your ex and wondering if they are thinking about you. You will replay in your mind, over and over, the reasons your ex gave for breaking-up from you. You will find yourself absently trying to balance the scales and thinking how things might have been different.

And, so it goes on, day after day.

This is a natural reaction for someone who finds themselves cast aside from a relationship that they did not want to finish.

So, in these circumstances, what should you do?

Firstly, leave it at least a month to see how you feel. It is surprising, but many a case of hurt feelings and pangs of yearning can be healed with the passage of a short interval.

If, however, after a month or so you still have not emerged from your immediate post break-up mood, then you might like to try and contact your ex.

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If you broke-up from your ex on good terms then you could send them a text directly. If you do this, keep it short, keep it to the point and keep it friendly. A message of the sort: "Hi, how you doing? I'm doing fine. Would you like to meet for a chat? If not, that's fine. Take care and best wishes."

If you broke-up from your ex on bad terms then it is best to proceed with the aid of a mutual friend or a sympathetic member of your ex's family circle. Send a message, by word of mouth, in a similar vein.

If your ex fails to respond to this message then you really should not barrage them with a salvo of follow-up texts or messages.

If you ex responds politely but declines your offer of having a chat then they obviously still have some feelings of care for you. This is the most difficult scenario because whilst they may still care for your well-being that does not mean that they necessarily want to re-ignite the romantic relationship that once existed between you.

However, if you ex responds positively then arrange to meet somewhere public to have a chat.

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One mistake many people make in these cases is to assume that everything is naturally back on track and that you can immediately pick-up from where you left off.

You cannot.

Your ex originally decided to move on for a reason.

Treat any meeting as you would any other first date. It is an opportunity for both of you to get to know each other. Do not start discussing your past times together, that would be a mistake. Instead, try to keep the conversation looking forward. If your ex wants to talk freely, then let them - practice your art of being a good listener.

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At some time during the chat you may pick up the mood that your ex is regretting the break-up, even if it is with a far lesser extent than you do.

If you are picking up good vibrations, then proceed with caution. Try a little flirting - but, definitely do not go overboard on this. Try to present the happy, exciting, confident side of your personality. If romance is to blossom, your ex will not only have to fall for you again but they will also likely need to see some new or changed facet of your personality to help them get over the reason why they wanted to part from you in the first instance.

One mistake that many people make is to continually make it known to their ex that they still want them, and feel empty without them, and that they will always have strong feelings for them, and that they cannot live without them, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. If you must, tell your ex this once, and once only. Do not worry, your message will not fail to register in their mind. They have heard how you feel. Hearing the very same sentiments a hundred times over will not help endear your ex toward you - if anything, it will likely have the exact opposite effect.

If you make it this far, then proceed as if this is an entirely new relationship. A new romance. A new chance to find that special someone.

Enjoy all the happiness that life delivers and good luck.

If your plans do not materialise then all is not lost, but do not bombard you ex with messages. Harassment will lead to nothing but resentment and distrust. No, if you find yourself in this situation, and you really want to make that extra effort to secure your ex's affections, then you definitely need some good advice from an independent person.

Advice can point you in the right direction and good advice will definitely produce a positive result - be it a rekindling of a romance, or by giving you the ability to bring closure to a happy time in your life with the confidence to look forward to exciting new pastures.

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It's quite easy to convince somebody to break up with you because all you really need to do is ignore them, go out drinking all night, and sell all their stuff online. The real hard part though, is getting somebody to take you back after you've been ignoring them, drinking until the wee hours, and selling their stuff.

Step 1: Not A Car Salesman: "What's it gonna take for me to get you back with me today? I'll throw in an extended warranty that I won't party too much!" Basically, you're trying to sell yourself but you should do it in the form of a silent auction. Make your ex want to come back to you, not pressured to do so.

Step 2: You Might Need Add Ons: If you're thinking of yourself as a car, you might as well have all the accessories and this means expanding your horizons while you're broken up. Just remember that even if you have chrome rims and a fancy paint job, you've still got to have something under the hood so focus on improving your brain.

Step 3: It Can't Be One-Sided A car salesman can have a great pitch but it doesn't do any good if the person doesn't even drive. In order to convince your ex to get back with you, they've got to have the desire to somewhere inside otherwise it's a losing battle every time.

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Step 4: Remember That They're Taking A Chance: If it's you that wants them back, that means they're the ones that probably initiated the breakup or are at least content with it. If they're thinking about giving it another try, remember that they're the ones taking the chance so don't revert to the form that resulted in the split.

Step 5: Is It Worthwhile: You've got to ask yourself if it's worth your time and effort to get them back and likewise if it's worth it for them to take you back. Make sure you have made improvements to your lifestyle and that they're indeed the one you want to be with because now's the time to decide if you want to stay split up.

Step 6: Temporary or Forever When you're convincing your ex to get back with you, do you want it to be forever or are you just feeling lonely without them. Trust me that the lonely feeling will pass so make sure you truly want to be in this relationship for the long haul and let them know it.

Step 7: Love Is Convincing: If your ex still loves you, they'll come back to you. The best way to get love is to give love so treat your ex with respect, adoration, kindness and give them a little space if they need it. Love can build a bridge but it can also build a highway overpass so have faith.

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When we were little kids we never ran out of energy as we could run circles around the neighborhood from dusk until dawn. Nowadays though, if you flail your arms and legs while running around a neighbor's house, they'll report you for illegal Fun Dip usage. Luckily, following these steps to make your ex-girlfriend chase you is 94% legal.

Step 1: They've Gotta Want Something: Your dog won't chase a shock collar and kids won't track down a plate of broccoli so the first thing to remember is that you've got to be chase-worthy. If this means dropping your sweat pants for a pair of dress pants or just not putting in a tobacco dip when you're in public it's a sacrifice you've got to make.

Step 2: Don't Be An Easy Catch: A dog will tire of a bone that just lays there but if you buy one of those battery operated fake mice, old Rover will play with it for hours. Likewise, when you've got your ex after you, resist the urge to roll over and play dead as soon as she scratches your belly.

Step 3: Steal Her Ball In this instance, it might be her pride. Make a move to take control of the situation and do something that will have her after you. This could mean flirting with one of her friends or attending her favorite hot spot out of the blue.

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Step 4: Stay An Ex: Your ex won't chase you if she knows you'll always be there. Make a concerted effort to become an "ex" by not always calling or texting back within 30 seconds.

Step 5: Impress Her Friends: No matter what you do to get your ex to chase you, she'll always have her friends giving her directions in her ear. This is why you go right to the source and try and impress her friends by being nice, courteous, funny, and attentive.

Step 6: Act Better Than Her You broke up for a reason and maybe it's because she did something to hurt you. Instead of reminding her of it every minute, act like it doesn't faze you and that you're above it. This will have her feeling bad about herself and more attracted to you.

Step 7: Get Caught: No girl will chase you forever so a key here is eventually getting caught. When the timing is right, start to pick up the conversation a little more and eventually start to do things with each other again.

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To find out if your ex likes you is a lot harder than finding out if they don't like you. For instance, when they walk over to you at the bar and spill their beer on you, then break the bottle on your head is that because they despise you or is it playful flirting?

Step 1: Their Eyes: While you're at said bar, is your ex locked into you like a hawk looking for prey? If they sneak glances to get a look at you and keep tabs on what you're doing there's a good chance a flame is still burning.

Step 2: Their Mouth: Does your ex nervously talk to you at the pub and do they call you every now and then? If so, it's a good sign that they still have feelings...unless the calls are just to try and rustle the money that you owe them.

Step 3: Their Ears If you're just some person they used to date, your ex will hear you but they won't listen. Somebody who still likes you will be locked into your words and will genuinely be interested in what you've been up to during the break.

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Step 4: Body: When your ex starts getting in shape, it's either because they are trying to improve because they want you back or are trying to impress the opposite sex down at the gym so it's a sticky situation. If your ex puts on 45 pounds, it's because they're depressed about the breakup and they too still like you.

Step 5: Feet: If your ex packs up her things and heads to start a new life in the city, he or she has probably written you off as a potential mate. On the other hand, if they stick around or move closer to you, it's because they're waiting for you to get your act together and sweep them off their feet.

Step 6: Their Mind Sometimes to know if your ex still likes you, you've got to pick their brain a bit. If you stay in good graces with them, you'll be able to gauge their feelings for you by whether they talk to you about hooking up with other people or inquire about your family and how things are going.

Step 7: Their Heart: The old saying follow your heart is somewhat accurate because it's our brains that make the decision on who we fall in love with but the heart sends it blood. Anyways, your ex will follow their heart if they truly like you and will be determined that you can change so follow your brain and take them back.

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