Anger is said to be the biggest enemy of man. It is also told in the Gita that work, anger and greed lead a man to decline. People who are dissatisfied with something or situation in life tend to be angrier. In anger, the tongue loses its temper first. But astrology and Vastu Shastra suggest many ways to overcome anger and to promote peace in life. In Vastu Shastra, Agni angle ie south-east direction has been described as a factor of anger. Therefore, sleeping or sitting in these angles is forbidden.

If a person's anger is increasing day by day, first of all, with the help of Vastushastra, it should be ensured that his bedroom or seating area of ​​the person is not in Agnogna. Employees who sit in the fire tend to be aggressive in office or business places. If the boss's room is in a fire, he is often angry at his subordinates. According to Vastu Shastra, the owner or high-ranking persons should sit at the southwest corner instead of Agnikaran and conduct office activities. According to the door plan in Vastu, the east-central gate is of a deity named 'Ravi', who increases anger. There is a lot of anger in the house or business institute where there is a gate named 'Ravi'. If the anger is still not controlled after trying, then consider these rules

It is generally believed that wearing Moti Ratna does not cause anger. But the reality is that the natives who have a moon in their horoscope, they also get the benefit of wearing pearls. Those people whose moon in the horoscope will be unpardonable or sitting in an inauspicious place, then such people start getting adverse results by wearing pearls. Therefore gems or stones should be worn only after the advice of expert astrology.

Although there are many other ways to control anger

While sleeping, always turn your head towards the east or south direction. If possible, place the crystal ball or piece of alum in a plate on the side of the head. This will give you mental peace.

If the Moon is associated with auspicious gestures in the horoscope, then only wear pearls. To make the pearl particularly impressive, see the auspicious time on Monday and put a silver crescent moon under the pearl and put it on the neck of the angry person.

Never sit in fire at home or office. If it is so, it would be best to get Vastu remedies.

When anger comes, one should chant Guru Mantra or remember his mother and father.

Do Surya Namaskar and Pranayam daily so that the strength of both body and mind can develop. There is no need to prove that Pranayama and Surya Namaskar are infallible weapons to overcome diseases like anger and to live a healthy life.

In order to calm anger, the planet which is most powerful, yogic in horoscope or in every category in the hexagonal horoscope, the worship of the God and Goddess related to that planet was considered to be particularly beneficial in life and effective for quenching anger.

Anger is the nature of every living being. But if it is too much, it can also destroy life. Therefore Vastu and astrology related measures must be considered to control anger.

This remedy can also be done. Worshiping God does not only give God grace, but also mental peace. If the regular names of Shiva are chanted regularly, the person gets relief from troubles. At the same time, there is a change in their life and all the work is accomplished. Apart from this, if you wash the garland of Rudraksh with Ganga water every day, chanting the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya", and wear the garland by touching it with Shivling, then the worshiper gets the grace of Shiva. Similarly, if chanting of Shiva Mantra daily with a rosary of Rudraksha, the person's mind is still calm. If the dual names of Shiva are chanted during the morning puja or at night before bedtime with the correct pronunciation in a systematic manner, then one gets success in his objectives.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.