Before we begin, let us make perfectly clear about the topic of this discussion. One of the realities is ours – the one we all exist in with the typical familiar rules. The other is the Internet, also referred to as “the second reality”, by many. This title requires no explanation whatsoever, as it is apparent.

I recently went through a conversation with an old friend of mine, we haven't seen each-other in months. It turned out he is doing quite well, which was much to my surprise, knowing his standing years ago. This old information now gives way to a new and largely successful man. Without a doubt he had figured out something, something that you can't hear from your parents or be though in school. I also picked up a strong accent, it sounded French of some kind. Was right to think so. In just under one year, that person has learned 5 common languages and another 3 program languages. We shall skip the explanation of how this came to be, getting to the good part.

We each get 24 h a day, 7 days a week. During this time, we are supposed to build our schedule in such a way that we don't end up performing extremities over and over again, which is what robots and machines do, not us. You have probably heard this from somewhere, perhaps your parents, perhaps some other source. They say each language, besides your native, is one step ahead of the game, in comparison to those without such knowledge. The privilege of speaking in a different way opens up that many doors of opportunities for the future. It doesn't have to be necessarily the near future, it's what we call “a personal investment”. Let me give you a direct example. Tell me, just from reading this, how have you came to learn English, if you were not born in the USA, UK, Australia or Canada? You would be shocked how many people worldwide have earned the skill of understanding and speaking English from watching the famous Cartoon Network channel(same as “Ну Погоди” in the old days, regarding Russian).

Nowadays, the most used language worldwide is English. Don't ask how this came to be, it's too complicated to explain. Rather make the association between the two realities we have early talked about. The Internet is also massively written in English, where the Google search engine ranks as number one. The Russian follows after as second best. Notice that in order to make this huge information traffic available as we see it with our own eyes requires a code to be used. Generally there are as many codes as there are common languages. Codes, a.k.a. program languages, are the vary basic unit, just like quants are for light. For example, a programmer with the intend to develop an Internet career would usually start learning HTML, CSS, Javascript instead of C++ or Java, because web pages are made from this code. It depends on what you aim to accomplish. Once you learn to understand how the internet works, you want to know more. You start asking yourself about hacking, cheating, making profits and so on. Simply by typing in the search engine, let's say “how to code”, this action alone speaks of a large amount of backtracked information, automatically analysed, thanks to experience. Same as common languages, knowledge of each single one in addition is one step ahead of the competition.

So, we have talked about knowing languages and some other stuff you may or may not have known by now, but what does it all mean? You brain is being adapted to the demands of the world, but what about your body? All this geeky stuff by itself is no good to your health nor your well being. You have probably seen more than enough examples, I won't spare that. Dorky glasses, fat person, poor hygiene, less care for the body than the ego, weak figure, that kind of stuff. It's what happens when you have too much of something – you become an addict and suffer the consequences. PAY ATTENTION! The key is balancing it all out. You CAN take care of both simultaneously, as long as you accept it as a part of yourself, not doing it on purpose, which is dead painful nonetheless.

Do not be fooled by thinking it will come easy or soon after to that matter. Persistence, percipience, consistency – make a tattoo of these words if you have to! Recall now what we have discussed throughout this post and hopefully you will be able to see the point. Point out that you need to take care of your life just as much as you need to take care of your education, so it brings you a fortune to compliment back your real life and make it actually worth living. Many people worldwide exist without a meaning, even though this is completely not their fault. It's never too late to change your mind. See through the mask of the world, where all potential lies hidden, just waiting for the taking. If you so much as realise this, you feed your self respect and your ego(in the good way) – two of the essentials to trigger change in the right direction. Again, it's not too late to seize potential, nor is it late to pass this knowledge on to others, young ones, distant ones. Thinks about it, now you know how!

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