Dandruff, characterized by small round or white to gray patches on the top of head can be well controlled by proper care and treatment. Scalp, hair, eyebrows and beard are some of the common affected areas of dandruff problems. If left unconsidered, dandruff problems can induce several health disorders like itching on body. At present, you can find a good number of remedies in online markets boasting dandruff cure feature. Best cure addresses this health disorder by treating the underlying cause of problem. Main causes of dandruff problems include hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, improper nutrition and excessive perspiration. Now, let's see how to control dandruff through home remedies.

Washing hair with vinegar water is one of the effective ways to control dandruff. As per studies, this treatment is found to be very effective to promote good hair health. It has been used for centuries for treating hair problems like dandruff. A thorough wash with apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of white flakes. It balances scalp's pH and prevents bacterial infections. This in turn reduces the chance of occurrence of dandruff troubles naturally. Apart from treating dandruff, regular use of vinegar water for washing also improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

Similar to vinegar wash, hair wash using lemon juice and vinegar is a safe way to control dandruff through home remedies. In order to obtain optimum result, people are advised to wash their hair with egg shampoo after using lemon juice and vinegar mixture. It reduces free radical mechanism and minimizes cell damage naturally. This treatment also stimulates the growth of hair follicles and prevents dandruff problems. Apart from preventing dandruff, regular use of lemon juice in combination with vinegar is found to be very beneficial for treating other hair problems like hair fall. You can definitely recommend this herbal mixture as a natural herbal tone to deliver healthy and shiny hair.

Applying a mixture of soaked fenugreek and yogurt on scalp thirty minutes before hair wash is an effective way to control dandruff through home remedies. This home remedy improves blood circulation in scalp region and promotes the growth of hair follicles naturally.Regular use of this natural mixture enhances the overall strength of hair. Other health benefits of scalp massaging with this mixture include curing baldness, preventing hair fall and treating premature greying of hair.

Regular scalp massaging with herbal oil is natural and safe home remedy used to control dandruff problems. Some of the best recommended herbal oils for doing scalp massaging include coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil. Apart from treating dandruff, scalp massaging using herbal oil also helps to treat a wide range of emotional health disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. It relaxes nerve cells and reduces the occurrence of psychological health disorders. Regular scalp massaging using herbal oil is one of the best recommended natural cures to strengthen hair roots. Scalp massaging using rosemary oil, aloe vera juice and beet root juice are other safe ways to control dandruff through home remedies.

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