Obesity is that condition of body in which excess fat on the body gets accumulated which have adverse effects on the body. It gives rise to many other diseases like high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma and diabetes. It will also make you lose your self confidence as your body looks very bulky and you will face difficulty in your physical movements. The possible causes of obesity includes eating junk food in larger quantities, changes in hormone, lack of physical activities etc.The obesity can be controlled with the help of some herbs, changes in diet and some physical workout. All of them are explained below:

Herbal remedies: Herbs that help to burn the excess fat are as follows:

Black pepper: Black pepper is available in all kitchens. This herb adds taste to your food and also help you to burn your excess flab from the body.

Ginger: Ginger herb when taken in raw form helps to control obesity. This herb also keeps a check on the cholesterol levels.
Green tea: Green tea contains polyphones chemical substances that antioxidant properties that help to increase the metabolism of the body and control obesity. You can take green tea three to four times a day.

Guggul: The herb guggul is very good to reduce fat from the body when taken 750 mg a day with some exrcise.Guggul also helps to improve the functions of thyroid and metabolism of the body.

Changes in Diet: Diet plays an important role to control obesity.The following changes in your diet is recommended for weight control:

Drink lot of water: Water releases the toxins out from your body. The normal body functions wok much better with the increased intake of water.6-8 liters of water should be taken daily. It is to be noted that while drinking water you should take water from a glass by sipping.

Fresh fruits and vegetables: All the fresh fruits like papaya, apple, pomegranet etc should be taken and fruits high in sugar content like chiku, grapes, and banana should be avoided. Green leafy vegetable and boiled vegetables are good for obese people instead of fried vegetables.

Vegetable oil: Groundnut oil, sunflower oil or olive oil should be used in your vegetable preparations and butter, desi ghee should be avoided.

Fast food and drinks: You should totally avoid the snacks and fast food as they are very oily and spicy which will increase your body fat.Caffeineted drinks and canned juice are also not recommended.

Physical workout: The following changes in your daily routine should be made:

Jogging or walking: Brisk walk for at least thirty minutes or jogging should be done to burn your extra body fat.

Deep breathing: Deep breathing exercises will give you positive energy and healthy mind.

Meditation and yoga: Meditation and yoga are equally good when done in the right way. So it should be done under a goo yoga instructor only.

Exercise: Different types of exercises uses different parts of the body so it will help you to burn the fat from all the parts of the body

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