MP4 and AVI are the two most common file formats used for videos. MP4 is developed by MPEG and contains audio, video, and images as well, this format is commonly used to share videos over the web. On the other hand, AVI is developed by Microsoft; it contains audio and video in a single file and supports multiple streaming.

Why convert MP4 to AVI format

There are many reasons to convert MP4 to AVI, AVI converters help you to convert MP4 files format to a better and high-quality format like AVI. Also, AVI format allows you to watch videos on your mobile devices like iPods, and smartphones. Sometimes if you can’t open your MP4 file on PC, you may need to convert the MP4 into AVI fileso it can be played much easier on your devices.MP4 is the most widely used format and perfect if you want to use desktop computers or share on social media. If you want to use your DVD Player, edit the video in any software, or to be used on other devices, all of them will not be compatible with this format so you need to convert MP4 to AVI.

Changing MP4 files to AVI format has become common among many users because AVI files may contain a variety of audio and video stream over a time period. So, because of its ability to hold a large number of files, the need for conversion to AVI format has increased.

There are many choices online to convert MP4 to AVIformat but the best one is Wonder share Online Uni-converter (originally, there are many other options to convert but not all of them meet the standards like high-quality conversion, good performance speed and ability to create small file size so there is no issue in uploading or downloading of files. It is a very user-friendly converter. Uni-converter is the most trusted to convert MP4 to AVI format. Online Uni-converter is totally a free tool to convert MP4 into AVI which supports the most common video format. This tool allows you to convert video into video, videos to audio and even audio to video conversion. It also reduces the file size without compromising the quality. This uni-converter is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

There are no watermarks in this converter as it is completely free. Many software companies claim to provide the best solutions for file conversion but not all of them are reliable or provide high-quality results. It also provides you the facility to compress the size of a video without losing its quality. There are many advantages of using Uni-converter to convert MP4 to AVI, it allows you to convert formats very easily, there are no watermarks included, and it supports all the formats and reduces file size without compromising the quality.It also provides the option for editing, trimming, and cutting facilities in a single package. There are some drawbacks with this converter that it hasa limit on the uploaded file and the converting speed depends on your internet connection.

It allows you to download videos from 10,000 video sharing sites like YouTube, etc. by just pasting the URL. The converted video will also be shareable and transferable from computer to other devices like iPhone or Android devices via USB cable.

Method to convert MP4 to AVI

The steps to convert MP4 to AVIare pretty simple. Add all the MP4 files that you want to convert. Select AVI as the output format in which you want to convert your MP4 file. Simply click on “convert” to convert the MP4 files. Then click on “download” to save the converted files.

We can also convert the format and overcome the size and internet speed limitation by the following method:

First, download the online Uni-converter and launch it on your device. Once it is downloaded drag or upload the MP4 files in the converter, you can select as many files as you want. Then choose your target format as AVI. This step is optional, but if you want, you can compress the MP4 to AVI video size. Now your file is ready to convert MP4 in AVI format.

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