How To Convince Your Husband To Stay Married: How To Convince My Husband To Stay With Me

Is your marriage in trouble?

If it is, you might not agree with me at the moment, but marriage is a wonderful institution. I can say that as I have been happily married for over 30 years. Sadly, it is not uncommon these days for couples to split at the first sign of trouble rather than to find ways to rekindle love in marriage.

It is not easy to make a marriage work, but I am glad to say that by working together, my wife and I have successfully raised and educated three children who are all well adjusted and caring human beings. Our life has now progressed to a new stage with the birth of our first grandchild. Sure, along the journey we have had to face a number of hurdles, just like anyone else, but our love for each other has been the foundation of our success. I can honestly say that my greatest achievement in life has been my marriage. Everything that is good in my life - my children, my home and my family all stem from being happily married. During our tough times, the key for us was to always find ways to rekindle love in marriage.

Successful, happy marriages do not happen by accident; so rather than let your marriage become just another divorce statistic, have a look at some of the ways that I have found to help us rekindle love in marriage:-

o When you have a squabble, get over it as quickly as possible. Say you are "sorry" rather than let a situation get out of hand.
o Try and be a peacemaker in any disagreement.
o Appreciate each other for what they bring to the family.
o Find ways to complement each other.
o Find things to do together - Something as simple as a daily walk can bring you closer to each other.
o Be each other's best friend.
o Talk with each other - If something is concerning you, bring it out in the open and discuss the issue.
o Find ways to share special moments together - when was the last time you went on a "date" together? This is a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Plan ahead to give yourselves something special to look forward to.
o Do things to please each other and be considerate of each other's needs.
o Look after yourself and don't be tempted to let yourself go. It is very easy to get into a rut, but it is important to do your best to look good, both in what you wear and physically.
o Keep the romance in your marriage - surprise each other with impromptu treats.
o Express your feelings for each other and never be backward in telling each other why you love them.
o AND - Love each other with all your heart.

Divorce, is rife in today's liberated world. Work on ways to rekindle love in marriage and hopefully, you will end up having a fantastic journey together; a journey full of love, romance and fun, but above all, love.

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You are looking at how to stop your divorce. Most people are ready to do anything they can to stop their relationship disintegrating. Unfortunately, the things they do are more likely to distance their partner than bring them closer to them. Three things women are often guilty of are endlessly trying to reassure their partner that things will change for the better, behaving as if they were desperate and endlessly analyzing their relationship.

Most people start by trying to reassure their partner that they'll change. They say that things will be different if they stay in the relationship and the result is that they end up pushing their partner further away.

Many women try to stop their divorce by repeatedly telling their man that they love him. They think that they are showing how much they care for him and how much they need him. All they are doing is displaying their total desperation. Theyonly make Their partner realize that he no longer loves the person he once fell in love with.

They spend hours talking about and analyzing their failing relationship. All this does is convince their man that if their relationship is at such a low ebb, it is just not worthwhile trying to keep it afloat. Nobody wants to be married to someone who is only capable of discussing the negative aspects of their married life.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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These methods may be instinctive for women but they will none of them stop a divorce. You have to stand back and study your relationship from different angles. You must banish all emotion and concentrate on those forces that brought you together at the start of your relationship.

You were so happy and confident when you first met and delighted to share each others company. You accepted your partner for what he was and you happily compromised on certain things for the good of the relationship. Your partner fell in love with you because you were both so happy when you were together.

If you are going to succeed to stop your divorce, you must return to being that happy and confidant person who your husband once fell I love with. You have to put aside the negative aspects of your relationship and focus on the things that make you a happy person. This is the type of woman he loves, respects and likes being with, and it will be the type of person who will draw him back into your relationship.

Work on building up your self confidence and avoid the pitfalls the other women drop straight in, and you will have learned the how to stop a divorce.

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Here is some simple yet powerful advice how to get your husband back and your marriage. There are three key methods that must be applied to begin the healing process and to get your husband's love.

"Step #1 - Give your husband the space he needs. I know this may sound like a bad idea and now is the time you should be talking but both of your emotions are high which typically results in heated arguments. That will just push him away further.

Avoid contacting him for at least two weeks. Not only will this give you time to cool down but him as well. Use this time to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it."

"Step #2 Advice to get your husband back - Now that you both have had time to calm down and compose yourself it is time to talk. This can be done with a phone call or email. I only recommend email as the first communication. This works well because it allows you to express what you want to say without the face to face pressure.

You may want to let him know how you feel but do not blame him of judge him as this will only drive him away further. At the end of your email offer to meet at one of your favorite spots to talk."

"Meeting for lunch or dinner at your favorite spot can help him remember the good time and why he loves you. But remember to keep it simple and fun. Do not talk about things that could lead into an argument.

Just remember it is going to take time to get your husband back so take it slow. Can it happen faster...sure but you will need more advanced methods then whats discussed here."

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Many married couples face hard times at some point in their marriage. It may be necessary for some couples to seek the advice of a marital counselor. The counselor is professionally trained in advising couples who are experiencing problems in their marriage that they are unable to work out on their own. The counselor will help to create a non-threatening environment where couples will be able to open up to one another about what is truly causing the problems in their marriage.

Finding a marital counselor in the area is usually not a difficult task. There are usually a variety of professionals to choose from. Though finding the best match for the individual couple might not be so easy. It is best to seek recommendations from family and friends before simply choosing a name from the telephone book. If a counselor with a good reputation can be recommended, the task for the couple is made a lot easier. If there are no available recommendations, other options for finding a reputable counselor are available. The internet is a great resource for finding counselors close to home. The internet also usually has general information on the professional as well as any positive and negative reviews. It is necessary to research and not just settle on the first name that is found. Then it is a good idea to contact the office and ask questions. Asking about the number of years of experience and success rates might be a few questions to ask. An initial consultation might also be a way to see if the counselor is a good match. It may take visiting a few offices or talking to a few different people to find the counselor that feels just right.

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It is also important to check the expertise of the counselor. If there is something more than just general problems in the marriage, a professional that deals with specific issues may be necessary. There are certain additions that a specially qualified counselor may need to handle. If someone in the marriage is dealing with a specific addiction, it is important to mention this to the counselor up front. This could save valuable time and money. If a general martial counselor is not qualified to help with the situation, numerous sessions will be waste of time and money if correctly counseling on the situation is not understood by the professional.

The couple should understand that marriage counseling is not a quick fix. The process can take time and the cost may add up. When beginning he process, make sure and find out how much money it is going to cost. Though the counseling is necessary, it is important to understand the entire cost or future problems could arise. There are counselors that are affordable and willing to be there for their clients.

In most cases, one of the people in the marriage does not feel they really need the counseling. This could cause that person to have a bad attitude and not participate openly. In any case, money is being paid and it is worth giving the methods the counselor recommends a try. The worst participating fully could do is improve the relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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