Delicious heart healthy recipes and a fantastically easy method of

how to cook a turkey.

If you are searching for some incredible new recipes for a

healthier heart then here is an old fashioned recipe on how to

cook a turkey that is absolutely incredible.

This old recipe is about forty years old but it will amaze you

with the wonderful taste and texture but even more surprising is

how this turkey requires no basting or watching.

This recipe is probably 40 years old or older.

It makes a picture perfect turkey every time but you must follow

the instructions to the letter.

Any deviation will not provide the excellent results.

You will need a brown paper sack that all groceries used to

come in.

It is better to have one of the brown paper sacks that are

"doubled" for strength but just a regular brown paper sack will

work just as well.

you must not peek!

The turkey must be completely thawed, no ice crystals, and

timing is crucial.

Use low fat butter to generously grease the turkey especially on

the parts that will touch the paper bag such as wings and

drumsticks to avoid having them stick to the paper.

If they stick it will not effect the taste but will not be a

"picture" perfect turkey.

You cannot stuff this turkey because we are using a heart

healthy recipe but, since we have a large family,

I always had to make the dressing in a separate pan any way!

Be very careful when you cut the bag after baking as the steam

inside the paper bag is intense!

You will also need some twine or strong string to tie the paper

bag tightly insuring that the steam is contained in the bag.

Once you see the results you will never bake a turkey any other

way and it is a perfect heart healthy recipe.

No checking, no basting, no worries.

Just one time and you will be a fan.

Here goes!

Turkey is in the bag for Thanksgiving!

The answer to this week's most asked cooking question.

How do you cook turkey in a brown paper sack?

Since turkey in the sack made it's debut in Post Pantry some

five years ago--this simple foolproof method of bagging the bird

has gained legions of dedicated followers who need a heart

healthy recipe.

Paper bag advocates contend that it is the delicious solution to

making sure that your holiday bird will come out as it should--

tender and moist and yet beautifully browned.

Every time.

No, the sack will not catch on fire.

Not at 325 degrees.

No, you cannot peek.

Not even once in the baking process.

If you follow the method to the letter

(no guesswork on the timing--use a pencil and paper to total up

precise cooking time) we can promise you you'll have a picture

book turkey on your table.

First be sure the turkey is completely thawed.

That means completely free of ice crystals.

Your oven must be accurate and preset at 325 degrees.

If you are even a least bit suspicious about the temperature use

a little portable oven thermometer for a back up.

Note the exact weight of your bird.

Then figure 25 minutes per pound for birds 12 pounds or

under--20 minutes per pound for the bigger birds.

Prepare your bird as you generally do using your own favorite


Rub or brush well with low fat butter or canola oil,especially

inside the wings.

The slide your turkey into a large brown paper grocery sack.

Be sure there are no holes in the sack.

Then twist the sack shut and tie with string.

Do not put your turkey into a roaster, rather put it on a rack

over your broiler pan.

Put your turkey in the preheated oven.

Do not allow the sack to touch the electric coils.

That will set the bag on fire!

Lower your baking rack if necessary.

You must promise not to peek!

Do not even open the oven door.

When your figures tell you it's time to take your turkey out of

the oven--lift pan and all to the top of your stove.

Poke a few holes toward the bottom of the sack and let the

juices run into the drip pan.

Some drippings might have seeped through--but usually there is a

lot left in the sack which will make a delicious gravy.

Then tear the paper away, careful around the wings and legs just

in case the paper tries to stick, and slide your turkey onto the

platter-lift out the rack and make your gravy right in the pan.

Let your turkey cool for at least 20 minutes before slicing.

This completes your heart healthy recipe with a delicious mouth

watering turkey recipe.

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