Chicken Wings are many people’s favorite piece of a chicken. According to statistics released by an independent food institute, a majority of people in the first world and especially the USA and most parts of Europe prefer chicken to other available meat alternatives. The main reasons why chicken is such a popular type of food is because it has a distinctive taste and the methods of preparing it are so simple. The following are different ways on how to prepare chicken wings.

Buffalo chicken wings

Preparing chicken wings using this particular method is simple and everybody can do it from the comfort of their kitchen. The approximate time to cook is around one hour and the actual time to mix ingredients is less than ten minutes.

What you need (ingredients)

Three (3) tablespoons of honey
Three (3) crushed garlic specifically garlic cloves
Olive oil at least two (two) tablespoons
Vinegar two (2) tablespoons –cider vinegar
Pepper sauce
Chicken wings
(You can include any other spices available in the kitchen)

A procedure of preparing the Buffalo Chicken Wings
The procedure of cooking the chicken wings in this specific format is simple and has been to many people the only way to get the wings ready. The first step is putting the chicken wings in a hot oil and frying them. This procedure must range from twelve (12) minutes to around fifteen (15) minutes. The main purpose here is to make the chicken wings as crispy and dry as possible. The procedure is also aimed at making the wings brown, achieved by using the correct oil type. After deep-frying the chicken wings, the next process is simple but must be correctly done for better tasting. The mixing of the spices depends on one preference.

A grilled way of preparing the chicken wings
Another common yet simple way of preparing the wings is by grilling them. Grilling to most people is not just a way of preparing them but also a means of spending time. The grilling is similar to other meat-related meals and in this particular case; the chicken wings must be grilled in approximately not more than twenty (20) minutes. For easy and effective grilling, the pieces must be halved for an increase in surface area. After the grilling, it is important to add seasoning and the oil specifically olive oil for taste. Although there are many options for seasoning, sea seasoning is the best option for this process.

Baking the chicken wings

Baking the wings is probably one of the most sophisticated ways of preparing them. This process unlike the other above requires patience because it can take approximately one hour. However, just like the previous methods, spices are needed and the choice of spices depends on the availability as well as preference. First, the oven must be ready for baking and this means that you must preheat it to around 400 degrees. After preheating, the wings must be halved to increase the surface area and for a faster baking process which must be 40 minutes. After the 40 minutes, spices can now be mixed with the baked wings depending on the discussed aspects above.

Some pointers in cooking chicken wings
The following are some of the important things to pay attention to when making chicken wings.
1. A chicken wing seasoning is subject to the person cooking and there is no universal rule on this. However, it is important to choose the correct spices in order to achieve the required results.
2. Whichever the method of preparation one chooses, it is important to make it simple. Chicken wings are known for their simplicity and complicating the process is not recommended.

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