There are two most common elements that hinder us in reaching our goals. These two come together and block our roads to the life that we want. When we learn to overcome them, there’s no way that we will not land to the path that we wanted to travel.

Worry and Fear come together and are our greatest enemies in times of difficulty. We have all the time in the world planning and doing the things that we wanted to do, we have all the energy to make things happen the way we wanted them to. But when we are embracing these two deadly enemies, we can’t do even a single thing. Fears weaken every part of us, and worry lead us down and break us. There are things in life that we are afraid of, we can’t deny the fact that as human beings, we are bound to break our own rules. Sometimes we don’t know what we are afraid of, but subconsciously this fear is settling within us as a child lingers to hide in the dark. We can’t control the things that we are afraid of, but we can control ourselves when they arise. Let’s be real, all of us has phobias in a certain thing. But we can control them, right? We can if we choose to.

Worry is the fears’ deadly sister. Worry softly kills a person. It stops us from doing things and gives us mind-boggling thoughts that unconsciously break our knees. Do you know that one of the things I always read on every same article, it’s that 90% of the things we worry about won’t happen. We should learn to think the brighter side of everything instead of worrying about the things that still not at hand.
These two knocked our feet down. Do we have the choice to avoid them? Yes, the choice is ours. If we keep on thinking things that we don’t know will happen or not, we miss the chance life has given us to spend on things more worthy than wasting our time thinking of the uncertainties. Below are the ways on how to cope up and overcome the worries and fears we have:

Believe in yourself. We should commit to the fact that believing in ourselves can do a lot of overcoming the difficulties we’re going through. No matter how tough the circumstances are, we should believe that we create our own path. If we won’t believe in us, then who will?
Keep the faith and drop the fear. Once we focus on the desired result we want to achieve, that same result will come into reality. Instead of focusing on the fear, let’s concentrate on the thought that making things happen the right way will conquer everything. Let’s have faith not only on ourselves but on the things that we are afraid of. Nonetheless, we are not meant to break ourselves to insanity but to pull up the strength that we loss by worrying on them.
Never pre-judge. No one has the right to judge anybody else. But human as we are, we can’t refrain ourselves to judge other people. In result, we may not wonder why there are people who keep judging us though they don’t know the real story because we also done them judgment. If we don’t want other people to judge and create their story for what happened to us, then we need not to judge them as well.
Love yourself. Fear and worry appears if we lack the greatest virtue of life-love. Let us love ourselves first before we love others. Remember, we can’t give the love to them if we have not experienced this same love for ourselves.
Pray. The most powerful weapon we have. Prayers conquer even the most fearful thing that could happen.

Once we accept the fact that we make mistakes and sometimes break our own rules, then we are heading to the advancement of our goals. Life is so much wonderful to be wasted on crap.

Author's Bio: 

Genalyn "princessgen" Patris is a former editor-in-chief of her school organ "Lawis" wayback in 2006-2008. Attended University of Cebu-Lapulapu and Mandaue (Cebu, Philippines) with a degree in Business Administration majoring Marketing Management. She became the External Vice-President of the Junior Marketing association of the Philippines (JMAP)University Organization. She is also a member of the Catholic Charismatic Youth Movement (CCYM),UCLM chapter.
At present she is working as a sales agent in one of the BPO industry in Cebu City, Philippines.