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Despite being around for millions of years, people can’t still accept the idea of death with open arms. In fact, many view it as a taboo, something not worth mentioning at all. There are many reasons why we fear death, and one of these is the fact that a loss will always be very painful.

When you lose someone, especially a person you dearly love, it feels like a part of you goes with the dead. It will take months or even years before you can get over the idea that he or she is gone, and yet you know that your own life is no longer the same again.

Inevitably, death is something you have to deal with or confront. But you don’t have to face it with a huge amount of fear. Hopefully, when it hovers around you, you will learn how to cope with it much better.

Using Subliminal Messages for Coping

You can make use of subliminal messages to help you cope with tragedies and diseases that cause death in the family. These messages will provide you with the necessary empowerment and confidence that you are going to get by the pain and co-exist with it peacefully. The subliminal messages will usually be in the form of positive statements or affirmations, which your brain can automatically remember even when you’re not trying to think about them.

Some examples may include the following:

• I can get through this pain.
• Tomorrow is another day.
• I have great memories with my loved ones.
• I still have friends and family around me.
• There’s always something better waiting today.
• Today is a brand-new day.

The purpose of these subliminal messages is to change your mind-set—that is, shift from negative thoughts that are more of fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, and immense pain, to something very positive such as hope, friendship, love, and acceptance.

How to Input Subliminal Messages

If you’re just going to repeat these affirmations once or twice, you will soon forget about them. Your goal is to place them in your subconscious, so they are not controlled by reason, which can be very selective. Moreover, once tapped, they will have more power over your negative emotions perhaps stored in the conscious mind.

There are different ways to add subliminal messages into your mind. One of the things is to write these messages down and post them in several strategic places in your home. You can also place them in your desk or inside your car. The most ideal is in front of the mirror where you can recite them while you face your own reflection. By doing so, it seems like you’re delivering the subliminal messages to your inner self, which is the reflection.

You can also try visualization techniques. You can think about going through a vast field with very beautiful flowers and tall grasses. The sky is blue, and the entire place is very serene. While you’re visualizing, relax your mind and body by breathing deep and slow, as well as playing your affirmations in the background.

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