It’s like everything in life until it happens, you don’t spend time thinking of what might happen when and if it does.

Two things a woman is certain of, but never exactly sure when each will occur

1. Periods.
2. Menopause

Experts maintain that if you begin your periods early the likelihood is that the menopause will also begin early. Of course there are telltale signs, 3 stages to be precise, which represent the time before, during and after.

Usually during your 40’s you will notice your periods becoming erratic and then stop, no longer being fertile and having the ability to become pregnant. This is when the ovaries no longer produce eggs and stop making the hormone oestrogen

Years ago it used to be known as “The Change”. Rightly so, for the body is undergoing it’s second and final stage through life. This is the time when, if you haven’t already, to start taking good care of yourself and listening closely to what your body wants. The menopause can last for years, from middle 40’s to 60 years of age.

I have already stated the drastic change your body is embarking. Fluctuating hormones deplete the body of calcium, resulting in bone strength and loss, neglected could result in osteoporosis. These years do not have to be problematic, if you take the time to learn new ways to remain healthy, vital and strong.

1st Stage -Perimenopause

Some symptoms may appear 3 to 5 years before the final period. During this stage, your period may last longer, the flows may fluctuate and the frequency may change. All this is due to the changing levels of the hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, both made it the ovaries. This is a slow transition taking place in the female reproductive system.

2nd Stage - Menopause

Once your period stop, the menopausal event begins, varying in length, whilst your hormones finish decreasing.

These years will cause the following symptoms, varying from woman to woman.

1. Irritability
2. Dry vagina
3. Hot flushes
4. Mood Swings
5. Anxiety
6. Sudden bouts of bloating (During the menopausal years, subtle weight gain will occur) inevitable unfortunately. Time to review your diet and exercise regime....This is why it has always been referred to as “Middle Age Spread.”
7. Problems sleeping
8. Loss of libido
9. Osteoporosis
10. Bleeding gums

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3rd Stage – Post Menopause

Post menopause is the light and the end of the tunnel. Symptoms dissipate and the body finds its equilibrium at last!

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