Thinking how to crack the verbal section of GRE? Cracking GRE Verbal section requires good efforts and dedication. While stepping to find out the solution for this you might come across many blogs, articles and apps to download which is adaptive according to your answers and information you required, but this is not the effective method to score good marks in GRE Verbal section. The main problem with this is that there is nothing that relates to your memory. Only they are plain text which is easy to read with pronunciation. You may just learn them but to store them in your memory and remember them this is not the end. You need to do a lot of things to score well also you need to have a reference point.

So, one of the best ways from my point of view is that learn the things by relating them with the stories, is the easiest way to remember and can be recalled at any time. This is easier than you think as in the GRE the stories are provided with questions. There are two kinds of questions in the GRE Verbal section, one is to complete the incomplete sentences and the other is words equivalent in which you have to select right answers in options of two.

Therefore, as GRE Expert consultants, I will suggest gather all the material you need to study all the books which you are comfortable with the study material whatever you can find. So, the first you can do is instead of going through topics to topics take sample questions and practice questions of the verbal question word by word. You will notice that a small story is developed. Go through all the options, if you know the meaning of any of the words in options well and good else try to track down the meanings of all the options using a dictionary or other sources and make them note.

For each blank there are three options, so now you have three new words after finding the meanings in the dictionary, go through the question once again and can select the best possible option among all. So, by using a dictionary and finding the meanings of the words you are sinking more on the unknown words which are now easily remembered and recall at any time. Instead of learning each word, it is the best way to invest more time in finding the actual meaning and remembering them. Make your hard copy of meanings and relate them to your stories to recall any time even in your stress time easily. It is the way you can save more time on one part of your verbal section and you can now invest more time in the reading comprehension section which demands a lot of attentiveness and time.

Try to practice this part of learning every day. Get up early in the morning go through all the word and meaning each day. You will notice that while going through words and meaning you can co-relate to the questions- stories from the previous day and by doing this you will gain more confidence in answering every question correctly.

At first, it might take a lot of time as you are new for practicing this but if you do it continuously you will get used to it and after 3-4 weeks, you will automatically see the words repeating in other questions so now you use the dictionary less often which will save your time and help you cove more questions. This is one of the ways that you can save your time and invest it properly.

For reading comprehension, the best suggestion is to practice as much as you can. First make a habit of reading a lot of newspapers, books, and study materials and reading is not the end you must do the processing and understanding all the information as you read. This part of the verbal section requires all of the prices because the text in GRE is complex and is not easily understood. By practicing more and more you will be able to increase your processing pace and will be able to cover a lot of material in a short time which is needed in the exam.

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