Owning a beautiful garden does not have to be an elusive dream. Creating a yard that qualifies to be on the front page of a home and garden magazines is achievable. All you need is a passion for excellence and the commitment to apply the following landscaping tips.

Creating a beautiful backyard starts with your lawn. You need to learn how to keep your lawn lush and green without any overgrown patches, brown spots or weeds. Here are some fundamental lawn maintenance skills you need to master.

1. Remove Weeds

Weeds grow rapidly and unless they are pulled up from the roots, they can fill your entire landscape within a short time. The best solution is to pull them out from the root instead of just trimming them. As long as you don't have too many weeds, you can get rid of them with weeders and hoes.

However, if a variety of weeds have taken over your lawn, you may need to use herbicides to destroy them instead of pulling them out. You can choose a herbicide spray that will destroy the weeds alone or use a product that will kill weeds and help the grass on your lawn to grow faster.

2. Dethatch Your Grass

Thatch is the layer of dry grass and other organic debris that rests on the topsoil. If this layer is not up to one inch thick, it is quite healthy but once it gets thicker, you need to rake the excess away.

You can use a thatching rake or a power tool, designed for dethatching, to remove the excess thatch. The best season for minor detaching is in spring. In the early fall, you should do major dethatching to loosen up the soil after the summer.

However, you need to avoid destroying more thatch than is necessary. The thatch layer helps to hold water in the soil and keep your lawn grass green during extremely cold or hot temperatures.

3. Remove the Clutter

Give your yard a brand new look by removing clutter, pruning overgrown hedges and trees and by relocating old play equipment. You can even donate them to children's homes or schools if your kids have outgrown them. Remove all old furniture pieces or get them recycled.

After you have cleaned your yard, you can reassess it and repurpose each part. Some of the things you may want to use your yard for include:

* to relax in the evenings or during weekends

* to swim and work out

* to have outdoor dining with family and friends

* to enjoy more shade, natural views and fresh air.

4. Add Attractive Furniture

Your garden should have an attractive set of durable and comfortable outdoor furniture. Your backyard furniture should include lounge chairs that allow you to sit, stretch and have a great time relaxing with your family members. You may also place the furniture under a shade or by a swimming pool or fountain.

5. Choose the Right Landscaping Design

A well-planned landscape with carefully selected plants, which look as if they are in their natural setting within your backyard will create an inviting mood. You can even set up your plant arrangement to create an impression that you are at your favorite vacation spot.

Make sure you choose plants that will adapt very well to the climate in which you are living. Avoid species that will require excessive maintenance to stay alive. Mix the native plants with some perennials, vines, shrubs and trees that have adapted to your climate.

You can search for plants at your local garden shop. You may also ask for professional assistance from a landscape designer or experienced gardeners at your local community college or university.

6. Build an Inviting Patio or Deck

Work at creating a space that always invites you to leave the confines of your home and spend time in your plant-filled oasis. Instead of being content with plastic chairs and a concrete slab, you should make your patio a place where you want to:

* spend time relaxing

* practice yoga

* hang out with loved ones

* do some reading and meditation

To make it a pleasurable place, you need to add a personal touch that will reflect your lifestyle and personal preferences.

7. Create Some Privacy

A relaxing outdoor space should provide some intimacy and privacy. This can be achieved by creating smart divisions with walls (natural or otherwise), fences or screens at an appropriate height. You can even provide shade and give your outdoor space a greater feeling of seclusion by adding arbors or overhead roofs.

Creating a beautiful backyard is not a difficult task, however it is one that will require a little bit of time and effort. If you work out a way to maintain your lawn, grow attractive plants and install the right type of furniture, you can create an oasis that will constantly draw you out of the confines of your home.

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