If you’re launching an exciting new product you want it to hit the market with a bang, not a whimper. This being the case, the idea is to build up as much pre-publicity as possible so it’s hotly anticipated before it’s even available for sale. Whatever your product is, the principles for launching it successfully on the market remain basically the same. Here are some things to consider:

Use Your Website: To build up anticipation for a new product launch you need to start as early as possible. A few months before the projected launch, launch a holding page linked from your website with your logo or the logo of the new product and a carefully worded teaser message. Don’t give away too much, but summarise what the product is about and who it’s for. This is a perfect way to start reaching out to the target customer group because you can ask them to register their email address to receive notification once it’s on the market.

Use A Marketing Expert: It’s worth using the services of a marketing company for a particularly big product launch because they will know exactly how to build up a campaign with momentum. It’s an investment but it can really pay off long-term; building up interest in a new product isn’t always easy when there are so many other companies competing for attention online.

Use Social Media: Before you even start to hint about your new product you should start making decisive steps to recruit new followers on Facebook or Twitter. This way, when you want to start sending tweets or messages about the launch, you have a ready audience in place.

Think Different: To get your product noticed you need to get creative. Look at viral marketing campaigns which have been successful and try to find out why this was. Then develop something yourself which is suited to the type of product you are launching.

The Big Launch: When it finally comes to the launch of your product, make it memorable. This is another reason why it pays to hire a marketing company, as they will have the press contacts to give you the best publicity possible online, in printed media and even on TV. They may also be able to get top industry names to attend the launch and endorse your product. Also, make sure you make it very clear from this time where and how people can buy your product.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Jenkinson is a UK based marketing consultant providing an outsourced marketing service to business owners and directors.