This exciting time of ecofriendly, minimally decorated spaces gives homeowners simple, affordable options to reverse dated looks into contemporary themes. Greenery, wood, and aromas bring in warm touches of nature with upgraded aesthetics. The biggest benefit of a natural spruce-up is the most unexpected: You will feel better.

Say it with plants

Colors communicate and green is one of the most talkative. Health, vitality, and prosperity are among its many positive correlations. Its shades blend well with every color scheme, so you can match greenery to your current paint and furniture instantly.

Add large or small potted plants to the corners and surfaces in every room. For smaller spaces, succulents, and herbs fit well. Take more care to match flowers and their colors, to the present tastes within your home.

Fake flowers and plants are no longer taboos, but more popular because so many people want them in their homes without the fuss. This relaxation towards artificial plants takes the stress of watering and maintenance away from people with hectic schedules or travels.

Center custom wood pieces

According to Lighthouse Woodworks, a company that specializes in crafting dining tables from reclaimed wood in Boston, MA, a beautiful wood table can transform your home and become a treasure that is handed down over the years, along with all the memories it carries. Wood symbolizes generational legacy when long-lasting heirlooms are passed down. Handcrafted, hand-finished wood pieces last far longer than self-assembly big box choices. But most people don't have time to build shelves and chests.

Fortunately, custom-order wood craftsmanship is back in style because it's more personal and conservationist. There's pride in serving great meals atop handcrafted dining tables from reclaimed wood. How you decided between wood, oak or cedar for a table will be a great story to tell later.

Turn aromatherapy into art

Sprays, incense, and solid air fresheners are not only old-fashioned. The aerosols, smoke, and chemicals are environmentally hazardous plus toxic to your health. Children and pets are especially sensitive to headaches, nausea, and sniffles from them.

Essential oil holders, burners and diffusers are the stylish replacements that make aromatherapy a fast-growing arena of interior decoration. These fragrant options help you fashion pretty containers and pops of color into room themes without crowding space.

Swapping scents can switch themes in your home quickly. Fill rooms with cinnamon and peppermint at the holidays, then switch to florals like rose and jasmine in spring.

You will get more visitors, and compliments, with these transformations. Then, watch your satisfaction from these natural thematic touches inspire your larger projects.

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Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests and photography. She feels happiest around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.