Have you got a little one at home who's nuts about football? If they're the next Harry Kane or they've caught fever from the World Cup, find out how to build a bedroom on football theme without breaking the bank.

Soccer Modes

Add a feature to the bedroom as a focal point. This is probably the room on which you spend the most money but it doesn't even have to be a big spend. If you are looking for a statement we suggest that you build a wall of apps. If you're a fan of subtlety then why not focus on the carpet? Suppliers like Cheap Artificial Grass will provide the ideal cut of artificial grass as a colorful but not garish feature that is inexpensive and simple to install. Installing artificial grass as a carpet substitute provides you with a colorful and comfortable foundation to plan the rest of the room around. Instead, for a splash of colour, you can apply artificial grass highlights to a feature wall and create the depth illusion.


It is up to you how wild you are going to go with the bedroom on football. There's plenty of football-themed wallpapers on the market if you have the money to spend; from basic patterns or player motifs, all the way to prints of actual stadiums. For something a little more out there we recommend visiting websites like Murals Wallpaper or even Wayfair.


Any bedroom can be football-themed with the right accessories so don't worry if your wallpaper budget isn't broad enough to consider. You will find a whole host of football products online with enough commitment. We recommend football-themed bedding pieces, lampshades, posters and even fairy lights! Why not buy your little one's favorite football shirt in an adult size for something nostalgic and frame it for now for a fun bedroom decoration and a cool 'vintage' gift for later?

What's Special

Would you want something that will really make this room stand out? Or maybe only after a little bit of something special to bind it all together? Check out your luck on handmade art sites such as Etsy. And if you're not sure exactly what you want, just searching the word "football" (or "soccer" to broaden outcomes) will reveal a lot of gold. By home you can narrow down your quest and if you want, stay. Including stickers and prints to bunting, hoops, and personalized trophies, you'll find something.

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