When it comes to being closer to your partner, intimacy is one of those subjects that never gets old. There are tons of ways to increase that closeness that you feel with one another. The trick is picking the methods that vibe best with you and your chosen partner.

Explore Something New Together

When life goes crazy, we tend to find security in a relationship. It brings a level of normalcy that we all need throughout our lives. However, when you get to the point that you can predict what is going to happen each day, it may be time to spice things up. Talk with your partner about exploring something different. It could be a new type of exercise or choosing to go out to dinner at a new restaurant. Just pick something new that you both can explore that is different from the norm.

Spice Up Your Sex

When it comes to relationship intimacy, we can't leave out the sex. It's an important part of any long-term relationship. Suppose you've noticed that it's becoming harder to feel that intimacy during sex. It's time to try out some adult sex toys. You can create new sexual experiences with your partner that can bring you both closer together. Remember that a healthy relationship is one where you can experience things together.

Touch More

When intimacy is lacking, start to make it a habit to touch more. You don't need to be touching your partner every second you're around them. Instead, it would help if you strategically thought about ways to be more affectionate towards them. Whether it's a touch of the hand as you pass then in the hall or a rub of the shoulder as they finish their conversation, try to find ways to touch your partner more often.


One of the reasons you find it so satisfying to hang out with old friends is that you can reminisce about some of the fun times you had. Your partner should be no different. While you shouldn't aim to spend all your time in the past, it can be a great idea to take some time to reminisce every now and then. You'll get to relive the experience with your partner and the emotions it brought you all over again.

Enhancing the intimacy in your relationship doesn't have to be a big struggle. Find ways that fit the needs and lifestyle habits of you and your partner. The above are four major methods that most all couples are able to implement in their relationship to up their levels of intimacy towards one another.

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