In the rush to try and get a foot in the door of every single one of the new SEO techniques, you should make sure not to overlook some of the time-tested and still very powerful marketing businesses. Fact is; the stats show that email marketing is still a force to be reckoned with when done correctly, bringing in new subscribers that tend to stay in for the long haul. While it doesn’t bring hits from new traffic continuously like keyword research and on page SEO, it does help you keep a stable of potential consumers to whom you can send newsletters and products over time. The key to the success of any business that has moved the bulk of its marketing methods to the online forum is diversification anyway; and an email marketing strategy forms a crucial aspect of the whole design.

Business Email Marketing Tactics

There’s more to the successful email marketing programs than merely building effective opt-in forms, which are albeit absolutely necessary as a strong call-to-action to get people to sign up for your updates. First and foremost, you will need to obtain a hands-on management provider to streamline your methods, by using the best software to verify email addresses to minimize bounces. Too many bounced emails are bad because many ISPs view that as a signal you may be trying to launch a DDoS (Denial-of-Service) attack, because that’s the technique what computer hackers of old used, and temporarily shut down your internet access. With a capable management team, however, this will never be a problem.

You need to develop a schedule of sending out regular or semi-regular newsletters, which must be informative without any fluff, given that so many emails get relegated to the trash-bin these days if they aren’t recognized or if the content is subpar. With the right techniques, however, such as employing strong headers and certain word combinations, yours will be among the select few emails that are always opened and read.

Even with Email, Content is Still King

The creation of a newsletter is of paramount importance when using email to enhance your business’ profile; indeed, the content must be even better then what you have on your blog, because it should drive the reader to respond to the call-to-action you place at the end. The best emails are interesting – even captivating, if possible. Remember; you would have built up a list of viable addresses by now by using the common valid and proven techniques – providing free downloads of informative ebooks, pdfs, or other free gift for simply entering their name and email address into your form. When the newsletters start coming, it’s time to deliver.

It is instructive to compound your efforts on the email platform with social media; by appending social media buttons that enable Facebook and Twitter sharing with the click of a button; it’s an easy and painless way to increase your email list. The on-page content will, in the best case scenario, gather your targeted traffic into your sales funnel and result in a conversion. The last thing you need to do is ensure that your product has been useful to your customer, or learn more about how you might improve it by sending follow-up surveys or questionnaires; people tend to love elaborating on a product they’ve just used.
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