Most of the entrepreneurs that I have met who are not having the kind of success that they desire have a problem with their mindset. I can sense it when I hear them talk about their business. Unfortunately, they aren’t aware of their mindset so they don’t know that it is the problem. Their attitude and energy around money needs to improve before their finances improve and their business thrives.

Mindset is something quite intangible. You can’t say, “Oh, you are spending too much money; that’s your problem.” Or “Your conversion rate isn’t high enough to justify your advertising expenses.” Those are tangible problems. Mindset is illusive, and hard to pinpoint.

So how does a coach, coach a business owner into a winning money mindset?

One way is to start with beliefs and try to uncover the ones that are holding you back. These may be beliefs about money such as, “I’ll never have enough money,” or “I can’t make money doing my passion.”

Or they may beliefs about yourself such as, “I’ll believe I’m successful after I have seen some success,” or “I’m not smart enough to be a high achiever.”

Beliefs that don’t support your desires are the main culprits that can keep you stuck in an undesirable money situation. But beliefs are just thought patterns that are habitual. This is good news because habits can be changed. The best way to change a belief is to substitute a new one. But you must do it in baby steps. You can’t go zero to sixty in your mind-settings. Incrementally shifting non-serving beliefs is easier and more lasting.

You start the shift by deciding what you WANT to believe. Let’s say your current belief is that you can’t earn a six-figure income. But you want to believe that you CAN earn a six-figure income. So you begin the incremental shift by using the affirmation, “I want to believe that I can earn a six-figure income.” This way the statement is true and there is no conflict in your mind.

This works better than saying an affirmation like, “I am making a six-figure income,” because your brain would say, “No, you’re not” and there would be a conflict. When the brain has a conflict, it can’t act on the idea it’s being presented. When you give it something that is a true statement…something that you’d like to believe, it can start to move in that direction.

Say the new belief affirmation, “I want to believe that I can earn a six-figure income” until you feel stronger about it and you feel you can shift it to the next baby step such as, “I’m starting to believe that I can earn a six-figure income.”

Then keep shifting it in baby steps until you can truly say, “I believe that I can earn a six-figure income.” Now you have reprogrammed your brain to accept a new belief about yourself and the actions you take in that direction will have the energy and power to make them transpire.

Do this exercise with the beliefs that are inhibiting you and your business to be thriving. By doing so you change your vibration so you will start attracting more of the business or clients that you desire. This also makes new neural pathways in the brain so that it will start working on the idea that you CAN earn a six-figure income. You have set the forces of the universal energy in motion to create that desire for you.

Try shifting your beliefs to ones that support your business goals and you will experience more success, make more money, and feel more fulfilled. Believing leads to achieving!

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Jeannette Koczela coaches solopreneurs who want to get more clients, grow their business, and make more money. Let her help you create a thriving business and prosperous money mindset using the universal law of attraction. Receive her Empowered Spirit Coaching Success Kit including her report "3 Secrets to Attract Your Ideal Clients" and a free coaching session audio .