Learning how to create a video is so much fun if it is really your passion. You might need to do a lot of work here but you'll enjoy it as long as you like what you are doing. There are just simple things that you need to do in learning how to create a video. These are writing, shooting, and editing. Let's go ahead and check out those steps.

Steps on How to Create A Video

1.Script writing

You need to put your idea into a piece of paper for it to become real. Or else it will just be an idea forever. In film making, this is called script writing (or screen writing for movies).

You can just write however you like in making your videos. However, it is still better for you to follow the script writing formats for films specially if you're working with a professional team. Format varies from one kind of video to the other so just go ahead and check on those things.

In most cases, the two-column script is being used. This is the format wherein the audio will be placed in the first column then the video will be in the second column.

2. Shooting

After writing something then you can then shoot those scenes you wrote. In shooting, you also have to learn how to shoot videos properly. Don't just get your camcorder and take videos by playing around.

Learning how to shoot videos cannot be learned just by reading and watching. You really have to practice a lot until it will come in smoothly for you. If you will do this constantly, you'll surely develop those shooting skills.

In shooting videos, you must base it on the script written but don't be limited by it. You must go beyond by shooting more video shots than what is told in the script. This will give more choices during the editing.

3. Editing

Video editing can be the hardest part of all in video making. You need a software and a great skill to do this task. You might be spending so much time here so you have to be patient.

There are many ways on how to edit videos but basically, you just need to edit by making a story. Just make an introduction, then body, and then conclusion.

Those are the basic steps on how to create a video. It's actually as simple as that but it's also a hard work in the making. The secret here is, just enjoy doing what you do and you'll surely succeed.

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Chamberlane Altatis

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