Do you have a growing family, and you wish your home to be a bit larger by creating an extra bedroom? Well, you have got an option to create one out of that unoccupied, unfinished space within your building called crawl space. But this can be a massive undertaking so it is better to seek professional help because it is not just digging down a little, shoring up the walls and you have a new bedroom for your house.
In this article, it is discussed that what procedure should be followed to create an extra bedroom out of crawl space.

1. Inspection:
Whether you are planning to create an extra bedroom or simply a storage room, the first step in any crawl space remediation project is to do an inspection of the place, this will allow you to be able to be sure that what is the current condition of the place and what measures can be taken to get the project done. In this way, spending the time to inspect and creating a proper remediation strategy, in the beginning, will save your time and money throughout the job.

2. Conditioning:
Inspection will let you know if the place can be turned into a bedroom or not. If the crawl space is less than 6 feet, dig the soil out so that one can easily stand there. Then, go for structural repairing and remove and replace rotten wood, prepare the floor, check the plumbing and make sure water pipes are not leaking, identify all the open spaces that need to be sealed and then fix them.

3. Moisture Control:
In crawl spaces, moisture is the real problem. Moist environment generates fungal growth and over time that fungus leads to mold growth. In order to create a bedroom, you need first to get rid of the moisture. For that, take moisture readings in all the corners and the center of the crawl space to accurately gauge the overall moisture in the crawl space then fog the crawl space. This is best done with a cold fogger machine filled with fungicide.

4. Insulation:
Proper insulation does not only prevent moisture but also controls the low degree temperature especially when you are living in a very cold area like Vancouver Canada.
Insulation is of many types but you need to see what will work the best for your crawl space. Rigid board insulation is a good option for flooring as it prevents water damage. With that, you can consider foam rigid insulation for walls with a vapor barrier over it.

5. Ventilation:
Ventilation is a kind of necessity for the crawl spaces as it eliminates the moisture and prevents the space from mold growth. But many experts argue that vents for crawl spaces are not a good option especially for the coastal areas as the summer season can cause excessive humidity in the space.
Based upon the location of your house, if you are not making proper vents, the installation of dehumidifiers can help you save your place from moisture.

6. Lighting:
When you are making a bedroom, there must be a proper lighting system. As lighting work involves electric circuits, it is advised to be extra careful with it. To avoid any complication you should better hire an electrician for all that lighting fixations.

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