In the Coronavirus times, a webinar is a great way to talk about your product/service, build your brand, or spread awareness about a cause. You can give a demo of your newly launched product or inform people on how-to topics related to relevant niches. Smart marketers even try direct selling on an exclusive price offer.

A spell-binding press release can help to attract appreciable number of attendees to your webinar. And this won’t cost you much. Hiring a cheap press release distribution service can do the trick.

Creating webinars

Webinars take time and strategy to create. They need appropriate software. Yes, there is cost involved when you use software. However, you can easily find packages available for businesses.

Also, when you have a powerful press release, you can easily cash in on the online event.

Creating press releases

Journalists are forever willing to publicize events, which they think are in the interest of a larger audience. So, your aim should be to catch the interest of the journalist, and, most important, relevant journalist. Once you do this, almost everything falls into place. The best press release distribution sites ensure your press release reaches relevant people.

Do you know journalists in the US get about 300 press releases every day?

That’s a number!

Do you think they read all the 300 pieces of content?


More than half of the pieces go to trash. Out of the other half, many are read and forgotten. Only a few make the news.

What do these few press releases have that makes them newsworthy in the eyes of the journalist?

Let’s see…

Features of newsworthy press releases

1. Their headline grabs eyeballs

They feature short, eye-catching headline that compels the reader to read more. They just can’t ignore the press release.

2. They use keywords

These are the bunch of words that can help your press release gain more visibility in search engines. Keywords make it easier for journalists to find your precious content, otherwise it would be lost somewhere in the sea of press releases. Insert keywords in the headline, in subheadings, and in the body of the content.

3. The content has all the important information

• Credentials of presenters of the webinar
• A brief overview of the webinar in an enthralling language
• Contact information
• Video clips of previous webinars of the host

4. The content covers the 5 W’s

Who, What, Where, When, and Why – your press release must answer all the 5 W’s in the first paragraph itself.


Mary Jones and Chris Smith (who) are organizing a free webinar on how to keep fit while staying at home (what) through (name of the webinar software that answers the ‘where’) on October 5, 2020, 5pm to 7pm (when). The webinar will teach people how to work out at home without having to visit the gym during the Covid-19 time (why). Attendees will receive a free workout DVD download.

5. The press release is published at the right time

Your press release must already be circulating online 2-4 weeks before your webinar. This gives journalists enough time to prepare for your event and publish news about it. Cheap press release distribution services take care of the time factor.

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