What do your colleagues and competition do or have that allows them to achieve and accomplish so much more than some of you? In my opinion after mentoring and coaching thousands in my mindset, responsibility and accountability programs, I believe that these entrepreneurs are highly successful as a result of what I call leveraging themselves in a smart way. What do I mean by leveraging themselves?

Leverage is King
Leverage is the essential key to making the best use of your knowledge and increasing your potential for success and bigger financial achievement. Here are some examples of leverage that you can expand and grow to achieve bigger financial success in your small business that will start making a difference.

Be the Expert
You want to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Start reading, learning, signing up for programs, getting into the heads of masterminds with people who are making more money than you. Step up your skills and set your mind for growth and knowledge.

Niche and Specialize
You want to specialize in those areas that are of greatest importance and value to your target market and potential clients. You want to know your business, the services, products, and programs that you sell like the back of your hand. Become more than just an information provider, become the go to resource in your target market. Keep in mind that an entrepreneur, who has expertise, has a far greater contribution to make. An entrepreneur whose knowledge is just average is considered an information provider rather than the top go to resource.

All About the Skills
How can you easily triple your financial success? Develop your skills. I work on this extensively with my clients, and it is one of the least expensive ways to grow your business. It dramatically improves your client and business attraction.

Improve Your Skills
The next type of leverage is improving your skills. The better you are at attracting clients, having a sales conversation in an non-salesy way, and being able to close the sale, the more money you can charge. This in turn will make you more money. The very top entrepreneurs earn significantly more than the average earnings of most entrepreneurs.

Improving your skills is how you narrow that gap and get into that kind of money and income that you want. Improving your skills takes a strong commitment as it involves work. When you decided to become the best in your target market, it comes with a price. You must practice, role-play, and learn new sales conversation and how to get people to sign up and work with you. This one thing alone changes everything. When you create a mindset to become excellent at what you do, your world will significantly improve.

Continuous Improvement
The mindset you want to develop is one of continuous improvement. Sales have changed over the last year, five years and even ten years. Never allow yourself to become content or complacent at your current level of skill. Why? Most likely that is part of what is keeping you stuck at the same income level. When you have a mindset of being the very best, you always strive to exceed the expectations of your clients, potential clients, and of the people you serve. Create the habit of always doing more and better than you’re paid for. Mix this all up as part of your success recipe and you will have clients lined up outside your door.

Invest in Yourself
Choose to invest in yourself. Be wise about what kind of programs, products and services that you buy. Here is what I know: My programs include mindset for growth, responsibility and accountability. If you are only going for one or the other, you will not succeed at the level you expect or deserve. A mindset for growth and accountability go hand in hand to increasing your thinking for bigness and your inner game. Use this mindset to elevate your client and business attraction skills in conjunction with the best advice and guidance to keep you on track.

One of the reasons that you want to invest in yourself wisely is that it takes money to make money. It is the accumulation of improved skills, knowledge, and mindset that is an essential step in the development of the personal qualities and characteristics that must come before the achievement of financial success. In other words, you become the person capable of becoming financially successful by investing in you, so that you achieve your bigger goals. Typically, it takes guidance from someone who is already doing, being, and having what you already want.

Make a Decision
Make a decision. Decide right now to become an expert in your chosen industry and target market. Create a goal. Make a strategic plan and work every day to become a little bit better in the most important things you do in your business.

Next, develop the habit of investing in yourself to grow your business. Work on your mindset for growth. Improve your skills. Making these changes gets you ready to achieve the financial success that you deserve.

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Master Certified Business Mentor & Coach Beverly Boston champions the success of conscious established, experienced entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professional service providers who have been in business at least 3-5 years or more so they can wake up from autopilot and contribute to their lives and work fully expressed and at their best. Get started today with Beverly's Big Thinker's Essentials Kit: http://beverlyboston.com/growth/