When you are on a lookout for potential partners and clients, it is very natural whether it is attending a professional business conference or just going to an alumni meet, you end up receiving endless business cards or in better cases, connections on LinkedIn and Facebook. However, as your contact grows you most often end up forgetting, whom you can approach, and under what conditions, your prospective leads and contacts will accept your call. Although there are numerous articles on how you can manage lead with CRM, which is not only client management software but also a strategy to convert leads into the client in a methodical way, here are some incredible ways of lead follow-up by which you can grow business with CRM.

How do you get more clients?

1.Meet more people virtually or in person to increase your lead database.

2.It is essential that you must primarily build a relationship with your leads to know their likings and build a trust factor between yourself and your prospects.

3.Continue repeating the previously mentioned two steps to increase your lead database.

However, if you are consolidating all your leads and client’s name, addresses, phone numbers etc. in an Excel spreadsheet, after a certain point of time you will find it cumbersome to working on this ever-increasing database and would need a proper tool, which is developed just for this tasks like CRM software to manage lead with CRM.
A customer relationship management tool also helps in recording, managing, and analyzing customer interactions through the customer life cycle. When you convert leads into the client and so grow business with CRM, the software not only helps in nurturing your relationship with your prospects, it also aids in tracking email, ph, texts, and social media conversations that eventually assist customer retention in your businesses.

In other words, CRM software acts as a virtual assistant by integrating email-marketing systems like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and others into the CRM platform, where we most often store our contacts for launching automated email marketing campaigns.
When leads and prospects are graded with leading scoring techniques in CRM
the software creates an email list to help your future prospects and clients to learn who you are and what you do, which may offer value to them or their businesses.

Another popular way for receiving permission for adding someone’s contact details to your email list is asking the prospects, to download a free giveaway such as an eBook or a discount coupon for purchasing your product or services, or provide a signup link for a webinar and others.

While you grow business with CRM, it is necessary that you must show personal interest in your prospects and customers by asking questions about their likings and dislikes, so that you can offer the appropriate product or service to your email contacts, as per their needs.
Therefore, whenever you find anyone interested in your product or service, tag those leads as warm prospects, and move them into the top of your sales funnel for lead nurturing through subsequent email campaigns, which helps to convert leads into the clients using modern day tools like CRM.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Conway is a content marketing professional, and an expert in inbound marketing and CRM sales platforms that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual-degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.