Product listing is the most crucial and important part of Amazon and Flipkart. It plays a vital role in the purchases. Thousand other sellers are selling the same product like yours, so what makes you, stand-out among others is only your product listing. Creating a good product listing will become really easy if you follow the below steps correctly.

First and foremost –


Your page title should be meaningful yet simple to understand. Never put too much information in the page title it will either lose the customer’s interest or they will face difficulty in understanding. The page title should consist of product name, color or size, model number and quantity if required. This much of the information in the title is sufficient and helpful to gain the interest of the customer.

meaningful page title

Don’t get confused with bullet points and product descriptions. These two are two different things but equally important in the product listing. Bullet points are the one which appears on the right side of the product image. Bullet points should consist of short information about product features in easy to understand language.


The product description is a well-informed piece of content but unlike the bullet points, you can be as descriptive as you can with the product description. Include all the information related to the product in here like, features, dimensions, how to use, material, care instructions, warranty information everything which can help buyers to understand the product better.

polished product description

Unlike the hundred perks of online selling, customers do not have the choice of touching and feeling the product before buying. Pictures are the only way of knowing the product that’s why they should be of high quality, well lighted and should be taken from every angle so that customers can have a complete view.


A listing should include the Q&A and should focus on those points which were not covered in the product description. The Q&A should be the frequently asked queries by customers and answering these queries by itself will lead to more conversion rates as the buyers do not have to leave the page to get the additional knowledge of the product.

Last but not least,

questions and answers

Reverting on the reviews and feedbacks really important, that shows how much you care about your buyers and how seriously you take them. Reviews also help in knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of your product so that you can work on it and make your product better


Clean and crisp product listing is something which can’t easily be done, yes you can certainly take the help of other seller’s listing but still, you need to invest your time and brains into it and need to stand out your product listing from others. Need any assistance with your listing? We would be grateful to help you out with this.
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