Just when you thought you had everything balanced, you hurt your back or get sick, or you get a parking ticket, or worse, a moving violation. You receive a bill that you didn't expect, or you get into an argument over something minor. Maybe your work life is suffering.

My point is that life, with all of its moving parts tends to be complicated at times. When it's not complicated, we get tired of it being so great, and we muck it up somehow. Yes, we do. It may seem like it's happening "out there", but it's truly happening because you made a decision, or had a thought somewhere that flipped the whole thing upside down.

The nature of being human is to worry and fret over stuff and distract oneself from the rapture that is always at our disposal. But here's a reminder, one more time: We Are Spirits in the Material World to quote a Police song. That means that we are really living in a world of our own making, based on our thoughts, emotions and information from a higher realm. It's difficult to remember that this is the shadow world, and that the true world is the one of spirit.

I've been experimenting lately with creating the state of rapture within myself. I ask to be connected with God completely. I don't think that I've managed the "completely" part yet, but it feels wonderful to go there! You don't have to do it yourself, and I don't even think that you can. You need to connect, to plug in to the Larger Yes in order to feel the bliss of Godliness. That's this blogger's opinion. I could be wrong, and if I am, please, please tell me another way!

For now though, try asking this way, "God please give me an experience of You in the highest way that I can allow right now." Watch and feel what happens! After I receive the energy, I also ask if I can have more, or extend it more, since the energy will meet me where I am at the moment. By gently allowing myself to increase the "dosage", I can get to a pretty rapturous state. It beats the pants off of drinking, drugs, coffee and sugar, believe me! Try it out and see what happens. I'd love to hear back from you to hear about your success (or failure) with this simple technique!

Author's Bio: 

Holly Mae has been working as an intuitive for over 20 years. She is a Los Angeles based Psychic Channeler and intuitive who works with the Akashic Records as well as with two high-level Master guides, Malcolm and Ingira, to assist people in finding the answers to Life’s questions.

Holly calls herself “The Floating Psychic” because she lives and does readings on a boat in Marina Del Rey, CA. She does phone readings as well. She teaches psychic development and channeling classes regularly.

Holly’s mission is to empower people to make life decisions in their highest interests, as well as to inspire the creative passion in others.

She is an artist and showcases her art on her website: www.chezmaecafe.com. Holly can be reached at hollymae@malcolmschannel.com or you can visit her website at www.malcolmschannel.com. Look for her “Sacred Commerce Card” deck on her websites.