Boy oh boy, isn’t this pandemic just the gift that keeps on giving? Believe me, at over 2 years into it, I am every bit as tired of discussing it is you are reading about it, but here we are. This is going to be something that is going to take a while to completely get over, and we will probably be overly cautious for considerably more time than that, though I was say that may be a good lesson learned.

It still isn’t safe, generally-speaking, to gather in crowded places, or in places where social distancing is a possible. Truth be told, if you can avoid physically congregating at all, even “safely”, you should avoid it. Think of it as how they avoided unnecessary trips during World War II so that gas was available to the war effort. Don’t be around other people unless you have 2 for the next few years. My apologies to those with extreme social inclinations, but I guess it’s time for us antisocial shut-ins to be the norm for once.

This kind of insular lifestyle, however, can seem like a real challenge to get around when doing things like triathlon training plans. A big part of your triathlon training plan is for you as the coach or is the athlete to meet up with teammates and the coach, to compete to see where everyone needs to work, and to build a close team relationship, and you need to go places with the equipment to get a proper fitness regime underway. This leads you to think that you all do need to gather together, and that does serve a purpose, but it isn’t necessary on a practical level. You also don’t need a gym in order to get a complete, professional workout. It’s all about knowing how the exercises work, and what equally safe and productive tasks you can perform at home or out in nature to achieve the same results that these ridiculous pieces of equipment achieve in a gym. In all honesty, gyms are probably not the most sanitary and safe place to be on a good day, especially if you are immunocompromised. They were dangerous to people with this sort of condition well before the pandemic hit. I personally never cared for them anyhow, preferring a little bit of privacy, peace and quiet and a lack of the smell of other people sweat when I’m trying to exercise!

The real trick is how to get around the lack of in-person meets for training as well as tracking your athletes fitness. It’s really hard to work out triathlon training plans when you can’t see where people need to target their training and exercise, and you really need that communication and shared goal for your team to succeed. Whatever shall you do?

Why, you resort to modern technology just like we have to deal with every other social and professional problem during this pandemic! All you need are an app that runs on both iOS and android, as well as a basic biometric-capable smart watch. The smart watch can provide movement data, biometric data and fitness data which the training app can be used in building models from, allowing you to even set up things like virtual races, as well as track the fitness and various statistics of your athletes. With this, a virtual triathlon training plan can easily be implemented. It may lack some of the personal comradery of an in-person training session with everybody, but it alleviates problems like preferred venues and making schedules lineup!

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.