Getting started is tough, isn’t it?

Whatever it is that you want to do today, there’s always something else available that needs to get done that distracts you.

Yep, it WAS that way for me too. This is how I CHANGED that!

You see, the challenges I’m facing are big now. So I got the blessing of needing to find a solution to the whole stress, distraction and procrastination thing.

I create steps to stop procrastinating from holding sway over me.

That way there’s something concrete that comes first – and specific things that follow.

In fact, I set up steps for my morning routine as well as my evening routine. That way I’m prepared and ready to get STARTED – and to get STOPPED.

I’ve found that creating steps is useful.

My steps are important tools for me.

That’s because starting something is hard – but quite doable with this important tool in hand.

The steps I set in place to getting any goal started are critical in getting me to do the tiny things that I’m able to do.

I’ve discovered that quite often, if I start right, I can keep going without nearly as much effort as I think it’s going to take.

Once I get started, my own momentum helps me in completing tiny task after tiny task.

Momentum motivates me.

I begin to experience joy in seeing what I’ve accomplished.

Right now, that’s just a bunch of tiny things. But it encourages me to keep moving forward!

Encouragement to move forward is critical: encouraging myself to move forward manages stress all in and of itself. Because I see my progress!

I’m on a long journey. I’m heading in a good direction. Seeing progress in the right direction on a long journey simply lifts me up.

My joy inspires me to keep going.

That’s how allowing myself to create steps manages the stress I see others mired in. Because I see people procrastinate on doing what they need to do.

I chose to pick some things that matter to me.

I chose to figure out what tiny things I might do that would make what I wanted more likely to happen.

You can do that right now.

Yes, the idea of getting started can get you feeling stuck.

And being stuck doesn’t exactly pull you forward, does it?

Here’s a simple way to allow getting started to pull you forward into the next step.

Pick anything!

Think of it as temporary.

Because if you pick wrong you get to redo that part!

But pick something important to you.

Pick something that is likely to change your life if you were to do a bit of it daily over the coming year – and years, and decades all the way up to your 100th birthday.

Or beyond! Because who knows how long you’ll be here. You might as well make a difference be about something that you care about, right?

Yep, I encourage you to pick something from a lifetime interest point of view.

A someday thing you can really start part of, well, right here and now in a simple way.

Figure out what tiny tasks you might approach doing. Decide what you can do to break one task into bits and pieces. Choose the smallest part that you can do now. Hey, maybe it’s as simple as asking a librarian to get you into a book to learn something so you can decide what’s next!

That will get you past the hurdle of doing something.

Get started!


That’s how to create steps that manage stress caused by procrastination. There’s a bit of a bonus: this works for re-orienting yourself in a better direction for achieving lifetime dreams, too.

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