Highlights Of Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is a land that is blessed with exquisite beauty. In order to share the experience with the rest for the world and to provide the opportunity to enjoy this beauty, the tourism industry has become highly developed. In this manner, more and more tourists are encouraged to travel to the island on holiday. Also all of these tourists who visit the country are found to be extremely satisfied with their holiday experience and leave with extreme fondness and attraction to the island. Many of them even continue to choose this lovely little country as their preferred destination for subsequent holidays as well.

The tourism industry of Sri Lanka has now become a major contributor to the economy of the country. If you consider the statistics and number of tourist arrivals itself, this fact can be clearly noticed. Way back in 1966, as the Ceylon Tourist Bureau was established, there were over 18000 recorded tourist arrivals in the country. Within a few decades, this number grew by nearly 24%. But during the period of about 30 years, when the civil war plagued the nation, the tourist arrival dropped but remained at an average of about 300000 – 500000 arrivals per year. Once this dark era was ended, the country quickly overcame all the obstacles, and once again regained its title as one of the most preferred holiday destination in the world. Once the war was ended, tourist arrivals showed a sharp increase amounting to about a 300 percent growth rate within less than a decade. Now, most of these holiday travellers span across every category of vacationers including,

  • Groups of family and friends
  • Solo travellers
  • Business travellers who include sometime for leisure activities and exploration during their stay
  • Honeymoon couples
  • Planning Budget Tours In Sri Lanka

    A major part of the immense popularity of this little island gaining as a premier holiday destination can be attributed to the fact that there are several options for cheap holidays to Sri Lanka. This creates the opportunity for more travellers to be able to enjoy the splendor of this nation. From key attractions like Sigiriya, Galle and Kandy to extremely popular tours like the culturally enriching Dambulla tour and the adventurous Yala safari tour, all of these enjoyable activities can be made a part of any holiday tour due to their affordability.

    If you are interested in such budget tours, you too would be able to plan out your dream holiday to match your budget and travel preferences. For those who are travelling to the country for the first time, it would be most useful if you can get in touch with a reputed agent who provides advisory and planning services for all sorts of holiday needs. These include planning out a tour itinerary to include places you show an interest in visiting and also including not to be missed attractions that you may have not heard of. In this manner, you can make sure you do not miss out on any of the key highlights of this amazing holiday destination. They will also be able to help you with transport arrangements, accommodation, and to find a professional tour guide in Sri Lanka as well.

    Through package deals, you will be able to make the best out of your holiday budget. Some of the best deals to look out for are discounts from hotels and resorts offered during off-peak seasons and if you are a solo traveller or a small group, you might want to try to see if there are any shared tour options available. Another important way to reduce your holiday budget is to make the best use of public transportation means in the country that are also well developed to promote travelling to all parts of the country. Taking a train, bus or ‘tuk tuk’ will also make your travels more exciting and give you the sense of day-to-day living in the country.

    In terms of major attractions of the country, there are several different types of holidays you can enjoy. The best part of being in a country such as this is that your holiday will be very engaging. No matter whether you choose budget tours, your experience can still be very enriching. It is important to first identify the key types of attractions you will be exposed to in the island, so that you can plan out the best holiday with the help of a tour guide in Sri Lanka.

  • Sites of cultural and historical significance such as Sigiriya, Galle, Kandy and Dambulla tour
  • Locations to get close to nature like the Sinharaja rain forest, Central highlands, and wild life parks and sanctuaries like Yala
  • Pristine quality beaches that surround the entire country
  • Multi-cultural and multi religious festivities
  • Beautiful and abundant cultivations including the most famous tea, rubber and coconut estates, and paddy fields
  • Spectacular displays of arts, exquisite cuisine and sports
  • Cheap Holidays To Sri Lanka Options

    As indicated above, there are so many different attractions and things to try out while in the country. And with the help of a skilled tour guide in Sri Lanka you will be able to experience the very best essence of the most unique and vibrant Sri Lankan culture. Picking the right tour options is therefore key to ensure that your travels fulfill your vacation needs. Since most of the tour options made available in the country are suitable for budget friendly holidays, planning your vacation tours will be very much easy.

    For those who want to learn more about the country, taking a tour to locations like Galle and Kandy will definitely be very rewarding. These locations are major cities that are most often included in every type of holiday tours because they provide the right mix of fun and learning experiences. Taking a Sigiriya and Dambulla tour that are located close to each other will allow you to visit more locations that are UNESCO World Heritage sites. A safari tour of Yala is another must-do activity to create a complete tour of this magnificent island.

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    Jerome Julian is writing on cheap holidays in Sri Lanka based on his travel experiences, he loves Sri Lanka for its natural beauty.