As a company owner, you are aware that creating a huge pool of perfect prospects is critical to the business success. You know that cultivating a growing amount of interested and qualified people on the point of getting clients makes your advertising activities simpler, more cost efficient and more productive than spending your evening consistently "cold calling" for new customers. Here is a quick overview on how to create a candidate pool faster than the competition.

Task 1: Keep them in the loop. Now you know that it's important to stay in contact with your prospects. That is the reason why you send them regular newsletters with special offerings and upgrades about your business enterprise. You have to keep these individuals interested in finally doing business with you. It is just as important to remain in contact with your project candidates.

Task 2: Take Surveys. Do not wait till people are already workers before asking their views. Use this pool of candidates to figure out strategies to boost your recruiting procedure. Why were our Careers Page helpful/easy to use? What was your initial impression of the business? Did you get timely updates and responses to your program? You can discover more about your perfect candidates by asking them exactly what they're looking for in a company and what sorts of benefits and programs they would appreciate. And like you may supply an incentive to workers for completing a survey, then it is possible to provide your candidates a little "thank you" too. Send them a business t-shirt or gift certificate for a service or product.

Task 3: Invite your perfect candidates to sign up for news. It is simpler to stay in contact with individuals who've previously submitted a resume or otherwise employed for a place. But do not forget that the individuals that may not be prepared to go to work for you but maybe later on. These people could be pupils now or workers at other companies. They might even be of the workforce for the time being but are considering coming to work for one afterward. Invite these people to register for your newsletter and also to be the very first to hear about your most recent recruiting events or new job openings.

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Supriya Nigam is a lead Content Writer & Digital Marketing Strategist at CareerBuilder India. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of digital marketing flows through in the expert HR Technology industry coverage she provides. Also, an avid Yoga practitioner.