There are three types of sacred spaces:
- A room
- A location for a specific item
- An interruption-free block of time

All three have the following characteristics in common:

- They are used for one specific purpose
- They are clutter-free
- They flow naturally with your routines and habits
- They are peaceful and stress-free
- They are easy to maintain

How you create these sacred spaces is the same for each type:

- Get clear on what kind of space you currently need (e.g. a meditation room, a craft area, project time in your calendar, a place for stamps, a place to store bills)
- Ask yourself: Where does this space make the most sense in my home or schedule? What am I already doing that this new sacred space could be connected to?
- Once you’ve determined the location, weed out anything unnecessary in and around your new sacred space (e.g. clutter, other people’s stuff or unnecessary appointments)
- Put a container or boundary around this new space. For example, block it out in your calendar, find an actual container to hold stamps, get a holder for your bills, or create a sign for the door of your new meditation room.
- Practice with your new space. Give yourself enough time to see how well it fits and flows with your natural routines and allow it to evolve – that is the only way it will really fit your life and stay easy to maintain

Here are some real-life examples of sacred spaces I have created with clients:

Frustration: I can’t ever get to these long-term projects! They sit and stare at me all week and nothing ever moves forward.

Solution: I am going to hold time on my calendar for the first 2 hours of each morning for specific project work. This is a beautiful sacred space.

Frustration: I keep finding bills that I have forgotten to pay! I need a place where they can be stored so that I see them which will remind me to pay them.

Solution: Since I typically spend Saturday morning responding to personal emails, I will make a spot next to my computer that is clearly visible and plan to pay any bill that comes into my home during this time that I am already at my computer. THIS IS A SACRED SPACE. Actually the location for bills by your desk is one and the time in your calendar when you will pay them is another sacred space.

Frustration: I have all of these knitting and sewing materials strewn throughout my house. I tend to work in various rooms and I don’t know how to get it all together so that I can find things but also be able to transport things, too.

Solution: I need a central craft area to store all of my materials. I have a spare corner in my office which would fit a sewing desk and bookshelf for supplies. This way I can carry around only what I need depending on the project and always have a place to put this away when I am finished with it. This is a wonderful sacred space.

What sacred space do you need?

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