Do you want to know the secret to create bomb dot com YouTube thumbnails?

Are you not satisfied with your default YouTube thumbnails?

Want to make a lasting impression on your viewers?

I hear you!

It can be exhausting when you have a YouTube channel to manage.

It demands a lot of editing to do along the way which is time-consuming and requires great attention.

Then there come YouTube thumbnails that have a greater task of bringing more views to your video.

But why go through all that hassle and save yourself some quality time.

Keep reading to learn new ways how you can create innovative and good-looking YouTube thumbnails quickly in some easy steps.

Want to grab your viewer’s attention on every YouTube video you make?

Then you must put ultimate efforts in making the best thumbnails for your videos.

The key to getting massive views depends firstly upon the content of the video and mainly on the attractive thumbnail you create which gets the viewer to click on it and watch it.

I know it can get boring when you only get to choose thumbnails from YouTube’s three default photos.
So to add the option for “customize thumbnail” you’ll first need to set up your account for monetization.
And then you can start creating personalize thumbnail for your videos.
There is great graphic design software that makes it easy to create thumbnails.

You can add photos, compelling backgrounds, appealing text to your videos through this software.
They offer many more amazing features like you can design exit pop-ups, logos, infographics, and social media posts on your fingertips.

Is it hard for you to track the dimensions of your YouTube thumbnail every time you make one?

Well, you’re not alone.
To simplify your concern, I will tell you the perfect file dimensions which are approved by YouTube and are best in quality.

Thumbnails that are pixilated at 1280 by 720 are considered perfect by YouTube and their resolution on both desktop and mobile are supreme in quality.
The file size of your thumbnail must be to 2 megabytes or under. And file formats supported by youtube for thumbnails are .BMP, .GIF, and .PNG, respectively.


Want your thumbnail to shine bright like a diamond?
Want to increase the influence on your views?
Then you’ve got to work cleverly towards your YouTube thumbnails.

Your thumbnail’s background should be plain, white, black, or blurry so that overlaying is digestive by the viewer.
The size of the font should be big enough so the viewer can read it properly without shrinking their eyes.
The headline must be short and highly relatable to the video. You can use up to five catchy words for a greater impact.

Colors matter! Choosing bright, vivid and neon colors for the text makes your game strong by attracting more audiences towards your video.

I hope you’ll create tremendous YouTube thumbnails now with the perfect guides given in my blog post.
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That would be all folks!

Thanks for reading.

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