Presently, there are nearly 20 million people that are out of job and nearly as many that are seeking for new jobs and careers. The best thing to do therefore is to spend time finding a job you want instead of desperately blasting your resumes to hundreds of employer which may or may not land you a job of your dream.

Employers do not want to be bombarded by hundreds of resumes which may have been sent out as part of automated process such as what you will find in job search websites. The best way to get your resume noticed is to personalize it so it speaks to the employer.

Your resume must share the experiences and skills that best fits the job you are applying for. It should speak directly to the employer by explaining how your skills can fit into their business by using the business name of the employer.

Another great way to catch a person’s attention for the business you wish to apply for is to take time to make friends with someone inside the business. In fact, you may ask them politely without abusing their trust, if they could put in a good word for you and even submit your resume with their endorsement.

You should bear in mind that the person reading your resume does not have time to dig through pages and pages of text, which is why your resume should be a bit formatted so that it will be easy to scan through and find the skills and experiences they are looking for without trouble.

Your resume should be broken up by headings and enough spacing between each sections and use bullet points and italics to grab the attention of the employer. It is true that you might be under a lot of stress, but you must endeavor to create an outstanding resume that will attract the employer instead of just blasting hundreds of resumes out trying to find anything that fits. All it takes it a little extra time.

Your contact information should be in front and center so the employer does not have to guess on how to get in contact with you. Do not take the risk of overloading your resume with text, make it easy-to-read and to the point.

The resume is dynamic and living document that not only illustrate your work history but also sells you to the employer. Finally, do a simple and effective cover letter and summarize the contents of the resume.

Irabor A. Mark is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine university of Ibadan. For definitive guide to writing a resume, cover letter and interview tips visit: jobs and employment portal

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Irabor Mark is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine, university of Ibadan