Turning your husband into a cuckold is a very rewarding thing a wife can do, especially if she loves multiple sex partners. Cuckolding your husband will make him sexually submissive, allow you to explore your wildest sex fantasies as he watches you, and give you the go-ahead to have sex with any man you would wish. Moreover, he will still love and treasure you as his wife. Below are tips on how to cuckold your husband;

1. Train Him To Be Sexually Independent

Try as much as possible to reduce the number of sex you have with your husband gradually. Behave in a way to suggest you don’t need his dick so much by indulging into chronic masturbation with dildos in front of him; to cut it short, make him to get addicted to masturbation until it becomes a habit and by so he will be comfortable to allow you to enjoy sex with other couples or men.

2. Start Flirting With Other Men

This is another right way to attract men to have sex with you. For instance, smile and look at other men seductively before your husband and let him know you would love to have sex with such men together with him or has he watches. Be naughty enough when hanging out with your husband to attract other couples; sit down or bend down to show off your camel toe or hot pant and you will be surprised how a man will be fast to approach you even when your man is with you and ask for sexual favors.

3. Be Mean

Being mean in this perspective means denying him sex regularly and when he demands to know why to be quick to tell him you are bored of having sex with only him. Go ahead and convince him to welcome the idea of having a threesome and promise him how such an encounter can spice up your sex life and avoid cases of cheating.
There are many ways in which you can cuckold your husband, but the above mentioned are the easiest and works best. However, when cuckolding your husband, patience and communication are necessary to ensure that your husband doesn’t feel belittled when it comes to satisfying you in bed.

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