It’s impossible to truly reach the limits of knowledge. Knowledge – the mere act of knowing things – helps us continue to mature and grow into the individuals we aspire to be. Lifelong learning keeps our minds sharp and our dreams alive. The understanding we gain through education enriches our lives, causing us to feel fulfilled and engaged in our everyday activities. Follow these 6 tips to become a lifelong learner.

Make a list of your interests

It doesn’t matter what you want to learn about, as long as you’re learning! Start with the things that interest you. Maybe you wish you’ve always wanted a thriving vegetable garden, or perhaps you’ve always been curious about how motorcycles work. Jot down all the things that interest you, and make it a goal to learn about each thing. You don’t have to do it all overnight – this is merely a way to guide your learning.

Hang out with the right people

You need the support of others who share your passion for learning. This means spending less time with your friends who have little aspiration, and more time with your friends who are ambitious. Hang out with people who enjoy deep conversations, especially if they know more than you do. You may even be able to create a learning group based around your interests.

Take some online courses

You may not have time to attend a regular university, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Try taking some online courses listed on CourseFinder. They’re versatile, flexible, and less expensive than traditional college courses. You’ll be able to get the fulfillment of the educational experience without having to rearrange your life.

Always have a book handy

Most people believe they don’t have enough time to read when the real problem is that they simply don’t have a book on hand for work commutes, waiting rooms or a friend running late. Keep one with you at all times. When you’re standing in a long line, sitting in a waiting room, or eating out at a restaurant, you can whip out your book for some much needed mental nourishment. Reading promotes intellectual growth, and will help expand your thirst for knowledge.

Share what you learn

If you want to keep yourself committed to a particular area of study, you can always teach it. Many community centers offer classes based on special interests, such as art and creative writing. If you can find a place that accepts volunteer teachers, you’ll be able to relay your knowledge to the rest of the world. With your students counting on you, you’ll feel less likely to veer off course. Having others who depend on your continued educational success can help keep you centered.

Turn education into a hobby

Learn as you go. Depending on your desired area of educational fulfillment, you may be able to turn your learning experience into something much more meaningful. Look for groups or activities that pertain to your areas of interest, and get involved. If your pursuit for learning becomes a hobby that keeps you happy, it’s easier to keep your quest for knowledge on track.
The most important thing you need to cultivate a lifelong learning habit is the desire to learn. If you can maintain your dedication, everything else is smooth sailing.

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Kelly Smith works at CourseFinder, an Australian online education resource. She is passionate about the Australian startup scene and new marketing trends.