Constipation, a common health disorder found in people of all age groups can be well controlled and cured by proper treatment. Diet schedule play vital role in regulating proper bowel movements. Causes giving rise to constipation problems varies from one person to another. Low fiber in diet, food allergies and lack of enough fluid in diet are some main causes reported for the formation of constipation problems. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best suggested methods to cure constipation naturally through diet.

In order to minimize the risk of health disorders, people are advised to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Increasing dietary fiber is another tip to cure constipation naturally through diet. Some of the food sources enriched with fiber concentration include oat bran, ground flax seeds and prune juice. For proper digestion, people are advised to chew food thoroughly before swallowing. Also, it is advised to eat nutritive foods at regular intervals of time period.

Senna, else known as cassia marilandica is a natural remedial measure recommended to cure constipation problems. Anthraquinones, a popular laxative enriched in senna leaf extract promotes easier passage of stools and prevents the risk of constipation problems naturally. At present, you can easily get senna leaf products from market in versatile forms like extract, powders and as capsules. Generally, bowel movements occur six to twelve hours after consuming senna leaf extract. If you wish to know the correct dosage level of senna leaf product, never hesitate to seek guidance from a certified health practitioner. As per research, it is found that large doses of anthraquinones may induce health disorders like vomiting and diarrhea on user. If included in proper dosage level in diet, senna leaf products are found to be very beneficial in curing constipation naturally.

Consuming buckthorn or grisset is a way to cure constipation naturally through diet. Leaves, flowers and fruits of buckthorn have been used for decades for improving digestion. As per studies, this natural medicine is found to be as a rich source of compounds like vitamin A, B2, B6 and C. You can also include this constipation remedy for making food recipes like jellies, juices and sauces. Apart from relieving constipation, regular use of buckthorn also helps in providing other health benefits like controlling blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and treating night blindness.

Including aloe vera in diet is a safe and effective way to cure constipation naturally through diet. Anthraquinones present in aloe vera improves bowel movements and reduces the risk of constipation naturally. Other health benefits of including aloe vera juice in diet include controlling diabetes, curing ulcers and strengthening immune system. As per research, sedentary lifestyle is reported as a main cause of health disorders like indigestion and constipation. In order to reduce the risk of health disorders, people are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. It is also recommended to limit or avoid the intake of processed and canned foods. Eating banana, whole grains and drinking prune juice are other effective ways to cure constipation naturally through diet.

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