Most of the teenage boys sleep pondering through various TV channels, gazing at the ultra femme models filling the screen and their visual cortex, leading to emission of semen during sleep. Night emission is quite normal as long as it occurs once in a while. The frequency of nocturnal, involuntary emissions is considered normal if it occurs once in a month or so. Frequent occurrence of night emissions once in every week or so, might cause premature ejaculation problem in a short time. Boys (not men) who are at the beginning of their reproductive cycle, have great difficulty in controlling the emission of semen during sleep. Just like any natural process, they tend to get control over their ejaculation when they become sexually active.

Physical causes for Emission of semen during sleep

Budding body: There are various physical and psychological reasons for night emission. An adult male body matures much faster than the society thinks it will. Unlike our forefathers, who were free to explore their sexuality whenever they just felt ready, modern lifestyle restricts the anatomical action of men for several years. A boy starts getting wet dreams probably from the age of twelve or thirteen. Their body is raging with untold hormonal changes at this period. Emission of semen during sleep is just a sign of the boy discovering his sexual instincts.

Touch reaction: During teenage, anything and everything might trigger a night emission from a soft blanket to an emotional outburst watching a movie. The slightest touch or rubbing of the penile area or the balls in a relaxed state will result in uncontrollable emission of semen during sleep. That's the reason several boys ejaculate without their knowledge during sleep.

Mastery with experience: The process can be attributed to the process of learning to ride a bike. You tend to fall down numerous times in the beginning. But, in course of time, the riding process in mastered and you control when you get on and off the bike. However, just like bike accidents, there are uncontrollable situations where even grown men experience night emission.

Symptoms of abnormal emission of semen during sleep

Some teenagers experience the night emission problem more frequently than others. They might lose control over ejaculation once or twice in a week. This is an unusual situation. Such boys will look much smaller than others and have great difficulty in concentrating on a task. They might have prostate problems, nervous weakness or hormone related issues. It is better to talk to the parents and consult an expert as quickly as possible. They will find out the root cause for extensive emission of semen during sleep and take the necessary steps to normalize it through

1. Nutritious diet
2. Building body stamina and flexibility through exercises and
3. Improving concentration through mental exercises

They will start treatment for any abnormal hormonal conditions or associated nervous disorders. Emission of semen during sleep isn't actually a problem unless it happens quite frequently, disturbing your daily activities and draining you of all the energy.

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