A worrying trend for men over the years has been the issue of erectile dysfunction. Numerous men across the universe are faced with this challenge. Among the prominent factors for erectile dysfunction in men is their lifestyle.

Erection dysfunction refers to a situation where a man is unable to achieve erection or sustain it tohave a successful and satisfying sexual intercourse. It remains a fact that achieving and sustaining erection is a proof that you are a complete man to both yourself and your partner. Otherwise, there will be negative effect because you will be left with the feeling of a lesser man.

The inability to perform, sustain or rely on your erection will ruin your confidence and self-esteem, resulting in severe depression.

The greatest fear and cause of depression among men in contemporary times is the fear of erectile dysfunction or impotence. This is because this condition results in stress and prevents fulfilled sexual life. Extended duration of this challenge can cause stress, depression and destruction of healthy relationships.

Erection dysfunction is not restricted to a particular age. However, as a man advances in age, manhood issues can become more common. There are physical, psychological and emotional causes of erectile dysfunction. Older men are usually affected by physical causes while emotional and psychological causes are peculiar to younger men.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

Obesity is a condition of being overweight. This condition is not good for your overall health, especially if you do less physical activities and consume junk diets.
This condition can increase your chances of erectile dysfunction by over 50 per cent. Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between obesity and sexual dysfunction. Overweight individuals risk cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high cholesterol. To reverse erectile dysfunction symptoms in overweight men, weight loss is a requirement. This will also increase their self-esteem and improve their emotional health.

Below are ways to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently:

• Drink More Water

Drinking sufficient amount of water is not only essential for the body but the manhood as well. You are expected to drink many glasses of water everyday as this can help to treat and cure erectile dysfunction.

• Regular Exercise

Erectile dysfunction primarily occurs when there is insufficient blood circulation in the manhood. Regular exercise can solve this problem. Your sexual performance can be greatly improved if you are fit. Besides, being fitter can alleviate several symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Research has proved that thirty minutes cardiovascular exercise on a daily basis will rejuvenate the manhood. Besides, exercise can boost your stamina and testosterone levels.

Walking or doing 30 minutes of daily cardio has been proven to rejuvenate the manhood. You will also notice an increase of stamina. Exercise can also boost testosterone levels.

• Consider Mediterranean Diet

The role of diet in sexual performance cannot be under-estimated. The right diet can reverse erectile dysfunction. You will notice a significant improvement with this challenge if you consider food like fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish. Combine these multi vitamins and minerals enriched foods with physical activities to enable you regain your normal sexual function.


If you presently experience an erectile dysfunction, it is advisable to visit a healthcare provider or consult your doctor. Experiencing this challenge may be a warning sign of other health problems that may require medical attention.

Remember that when an underlying condition is treated, it may be enough to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.

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